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Tuesday O'Neil 

By: Tuesday O'Neil
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I hope the star of Young Jessica doesn't read this, but I have a confession to make. I didn't take her all that seriously when I first read that she wasn't your "average teen virgin" because she had "a bit of a kinky side." "Sure you do," I thought. "You're going to pose in your pastel pink panties and maybe stick a dildo in your pussy." Then I actually checked out the collection. With smoking, lesbian S&M scenes and WAM play, this British babe doesn't lie.

You've got to admire an early bloomer, especially one who's bloomed right into the fetish world. Jessica's explorations into the kinkier side of sex are even hotter because she looks so wholesome. She has a round face and small perky titties and she looks like the kind of chick you would expect to be studying instead of trying out nipple clamps on YoungJessica.

Actually, she might still be hitting the books, because her collection remains small. There are still just three videos, but there are now 14 photo sets, which is twice as many pics since our first review in 2011. So although they might have added new photo sets (I doubt it since they are all dated 2013), they're not updating the video section regardless of the recent dates.

Within that tiny video collection, the quality varies a little bit. You'll find one average-quality video, but the other two are great in quality. It also turns out that although all the flicks come in Windows Media files, only the two that have higher playback also offer the option of good-quality MP4s. I felt like the movies overall had a strangely fuzzy look.

The photos are much better, because they're reliably crisp, well-focused and high-res. Although the thumbnails might make you think they mostly capture Jessica on her own, quite a few have another chick or two join her for some lesbian action. My personal favorite has Jessica lying down on a table, wearing jelly candies as if they are a bikini. That would have been sweet enough - pardon the pun - but two hotties come in and start eating the goodies, leaving Jessica nude by the final few frames.

Unfortunately, navigation is an issue. When you first sign in, the "videos" and "pictures" tabs at the top take you to Jessica's content, but once you start looking around and checking things out, you'll find youself on the All Teens World network instead. To get back to Jess, you need to select her name from a drop-down menu.

While Young Jessica's site alone is way too small to be worth joining, you do get 10 other cute-babe bonus sites, including Rachel Tease, Play With Alicia, Hannah Lawley, Sophie Ellison and Totally Rachel. This network is a nice addition, but it won't make up for the lack of Jessica content, especially since she is the reason you'd want to join in the first place.

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