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Updated on: 10/07/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
Number of Reviews: 1383
Average Score: 65

Since we last visited NaughtyAlysha...

  • You'll find a few hundred new videos and photo sets. Updates are multiple times a week, but videos are only added about once or twice during that period.
  • The look of the site has changed a bit, but nothing too significant.

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Rabbits Reviews Rise Award Nominee
Rabbits Reviews Rise Award Nominee

There are a lot of ladies out there claiming to be naughty and a lot of them just don't live up to the image of naughtiness, but Naughty Alysha certainly does. This gal holds a record for gangbanging and she loves to show off for her members.

Once you land inside the NaughtyAlysha site you'll immediately notice that there's a lot of content. To be more specific, there are 1,214 videos and 1,202 photo galleries. Getting exact counts takes a little effort, because many of the vids and pic sets are broken up into parts, but the advanced search makes it easy to look up the parts and deduct them from the total.

New content continues to be added to the site several times each week. It's great that we keep getting more of this extreme babe, because I could watch her for hours. She has a great vibe with the camera and that pussy of hers is bottomless.

The movies have themes like interracial, massive amateur gangbangs and a very extreme act called cervix play, where Alysha stretches her pussy so far that she can actually play with her inner cervix. Fisting, prolapsing and huge-dildo insertions round out the offerings. This is a great collection of amateur porn and is one of the largest and most comprehensive I've seen in a while. I especially liked watching her interact with her hubby, Adam.

The video quality has a bit of range, but you'll find that the new movies can be downloaded as Full HD MP4s as well as Windows Media files that offer good-quality playback. Some of the older vids can be saved in an MPEG format. You can also just stream the flicks in an embedded player. As for Alysha's photos, they're often high-res and you can download them in Zip files.

As I mentioned, Alysha makes good with the updating, but there are also some bonus sites with more extreme action, like on Slut Savannah and Extreme Ty. There are quite a good number of bonus sites all told. There's also a live cam show section, but no upcoming performances are scheduled (I counted her recorded performances toward the video total). So there's no way to interact with Alysha.

Naughty Alysha shows that just because a site is amateur doesn't mean it has to be low in quality. With huge archives of pictures and videos, you have enough content to keep you occupied for a long time. This naughty blonde babe is a true star and her horniness and love for what she does comes through in her content.

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  • Comment by: zajicek

    Score: 95% Date: 12/29/2015

    Pro: One of the best extreme sites I know for long time, very odd insertions. Sure, she is not 20+ any longer, but stil hot - and witty and she has brains - I love her site!
    Con: "nil return" for me.

  • Comment by: GHT

    Score: 50% Date: 03/02/2014

    This is very old material. Naughty alysha retire some years ago.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:03/03/2014): Thanks for the comment, GHT. Our review is due for an update, but according to her Twitter and site tour, she is still very active.

  • Comment by: PORN I know it

    Score: 75% Date: 10/23/2012

    She is a dirty dirty woman! In a good way. She actually walks into your normal hotel with a small lobby with semen still plastered on her face. Unlike many Glory hole videos, which is a good portion of her movies, it's real. I'm sure she has seen a few STDs, because she gives in and lets guys screw her through the glory hole. She is fun to watch, she gets this look on her face when she is trying to be funny. She comes off being a real person and a real easy lay. I will say she posts a few clips that aren't really sexual, it's just her hanging out. This is a little fucked up, but apparently her brother has his own section on one of the sub sites. It's something stupid, like he fucks girls on his bikes, he is like trying to show off his bikes. So there is this scene, her brother is drunk and they are at the bar, and they leave. He motor boats his sister, and mind you he is drunk but this is strange. He goes damn those are bigger then the last time I seen them, he is drunk laughing saying how he use to peek in on her... There is being close and then there is being fucked up. As far as the sub section with extreme Ty, she isn't anything great to look at, she just takes a fist up the old kooter. It's an interesting site, it's worth checking out. You won't feel like you are cheated, but there are a lot of sites out there...I have to stick to my guns and give it a 75. I was thinking 80-85 but you have to look at all the other porn sites out there as the content they provide.

  • Comment by: I know my porn

    Score: 70% Date: 06/09/2011

    I joined this site a few years ago, the new updates look great but there aren't as many. There is a lot of content though some of it is just candid stuff of her at the bar...which shockingly enough is the most disturbing. When you join the site you get other sites, one of the sites is her brothers site, which of course dont believe is real. There is a part when they are just goofing off at a bar, he is beyond drunk. He pulls down her top and motor boats her, and talks for about 45 seconds how he hasn't seen them in about 12-13 years. The other thing is that she does use huge does, but I think it would be better if she just used a big toy. She doesn't generally get very deep.

  • Comment by:

    Score: 84% Date: 12/14/2010

    As far as kink goes. This lady does know how to party. I find her refreshing and honest in her approach to the world of sex. Too many time you can see the girl emotionally check out but not in Alyshas case. She is truly in the moment.

    I just wish the she worked with more ladies.