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Updated on: 05/27/2016

A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
Number of Reviews: 1179
Average Score: 66

Since we last visited MyFreeCams...

  • They've improved the mobile interface.
  • They added a live video preview of the performer's cam.

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Rabbits Reviews Rise Award Winner

Here I am thinking that nothing in life is free and then along comes My Free Cams. It's true that you can check out streaming footage of these babes in a public chat, just like on most cam sites, but here you can also see the girls nude at no extra cost. And, yes, it's as awesome as it sounds!

What will blow you away about MyFreeCams is the sheer number of women online at any given time. It seemed way too good to be true for there to be 1,400+ performers when I logged in, but that was the case. However, it isn't all great, as there are some issues when it comes to narrowing down your selection.

While you can filter the cams by location and user rating, you can't sort them by things like age, breast size, hair color, etc. There are tags, but not every performer uses them, so expect a lot of page by page browsing. The only filters on the main page are sorting them alphabetically, by region or by popularity. You can change the size of their thumbnails and there are some other filters. By default, the most popular rooms show up first.

With that said, you'll find pretty much every type of woman available, so you can imagine how hard it was to finally choose a performer to go private with. That's assuming the person wants to go private. Due to many users buying tokens and tipping the performers in the free room (who occasionally reward that nice behavior with things like titty flashes and masturbation), you'll find many performers who work exclusively in public rooms. In fact, some may outright reject your request to go private.

This is a bummer if you really want to go one-on-one with a hottie, but otherwise it's great, because you can go from cam to cam and are very likely to see lots of nudity and naughtiness. To give you an example, among the last 10 girls I previewed, seven of them were at least partially naked, four of them were masturbating and one room had two chicks fingering themselves at the same time. And they now have a feature that allows you to preview a live view of their cam without having to click into the room (just hover over the little camera icon in the corner).

It will cost you 60 tokens per minute in a private chat with any of the girls. Depending on the token package you buy, you can pay anywhere from $5 to $7 per minute. There are multiple token packages available, so if you go with the middle-range one you're looking at $5.45/minute. Your total number of tokens is visible at all times under the cam and it counts down when you're in a private chat, which is a very nice feature.

Although at times MFC's (how users refer to the site) interface is unwieldy, they're working to constantly improve it. For example, the tags and explorer functions have greatly improved and now you can actually find cam performers who match a certain look, niche, rating, etc. Unfortunately, the function doesn't allow you to search more than one tag at a time.

MFC also has a suggestion engine that basically allows you to discover performers similar to one you like. I think this is much better than the idea of pushing fans toward the most popular performers. It levels the playing field for them and if you're like me and are interested in girls with unconventional looks, it will make finding them much easier.

While the free group shows are what made MFC so popular, what makes the site truly unique is the community behind it. Not only do they allow for so much interaction among members, but also between members and performers. The profiles section will remind you of MySpace and it's a bit much, but users seem to find it fun and the performers are very creative on their profiles. You can also cam2cam with other members, send them messages, befriend them, discuss problems with the site or performers in the "lounge," and even get free tokens if you refer your friends.

Group shows will set you back 10 tokens per minute and you can also "spy on" a private chat for 20 tokens per minute. In this voyeur mode you can watch the action, but you can't direct it. The quality varies depending on the performer's webcam and connection speed, so you might need to do some clicking around to find a chick with a decent cam. But I was happy to see that many performers have a good-quality cam and recently they've been adding more HD ones. Depending on the performer, cam2cam and two-way audio is available. You can also adjust the size of the cam, including going full-screen.

The site is mobile-responsive, which is great, and they've improved the design and added some really nice features. My favorite design element is the hamburger menu you'll find on each performer's preview image. Tapping on it slides out a menu with links to the chick's profile and to "enter her room." But you'll also find tags, other models you may like and a live view of her cam room, which is very cool and unlike anything I've seen on a live cam site's mobile version.

My Free Cams is a unique site that doesn't require any investment to appreciate it, but to enjoy the full experience I recommend loading at least the minimum amount. It's one thing to watch it all for free, but you get more respect and attention from performers when you tip. MFC is missing a couple of things that other cam sites have, like a more thorough advanced search engine, but it compensates with its many community features. The performer selection is impressive and there's always some free action going on.

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  • Comment by: syuukawa

    Score: 100% Date: 04/24/2016

    I joined MFC as a premium member 6 months ago and it has been an adventure from day 1. If you want to fully use this website, you have to be a premium member. That way you can talk to more models, visit the lounge, and see more action. I am a member of other websites as well and MFC is my favorite because of the possibilities.

  • Comment by: Cam50_Camgirl

    Score: 89% Date: 10/01/2015

    I really like it, but I think the members get a free show more often than not and the girls do it willing to get them to private... sometimes it stops before the private.

  • Comment by: hdwbd

    Score: 100% Date: 04/25/2015

    我加入MFC作为高级会员6个月前,它一直是一个冒险从第一天起。 如果你想充分利用这个网站,你需要成为一个高级会员。 这样你可以跟更多的模型,去休息室,和看到更多的行动。 我是其他网站的成员和MFC是我最喜欢的,因为可能性。
    Translation: "I joined the MFC as a senior member of six months ago , it has been an adventure from day one . If you want to take full advantage of this site, you need to become a senior member . So you can talk to more models , go to the restroom , and see more action. I am a member and MFC other sites is my favorite, because of the possibility."

  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 95% Date: 03/05/2015

    I joined MFC as a premium member 6 months ago and it has been an adventure from day 1. If you want to fully use this website, you have to be a premium member. That way you can talk to more models, visit the lounge, and see more action. I am a member of other websites as well and MFC is my favorite because of the possibilities.
    Every moment of the day you have over 1000 models online so I’m sure there will be a couple you like. MFC is one of the few websites where girls are allowed to get naked and masturbate in free chat. So if you seek the right room, you can see a lot of action for free. But freeloading isn’t appreciated and some models & members get annoyed by it but you learn that pretty fast. On MFC you have the option to tip a model, take her to a group shows or take her private. Private shows are more expensive but the private show gets recorded and stored on your profile so you can watch it all over again. Another thing I like about MFC is the possibility to chat with models & members using private messages which gives you the possibility to chat without other people seeing it. You can also send emails but PM works faster. Another plus is the possibility for models to see you through your cam. Other websites only show that option when you are in private. Myfreecams isn’t the cheapest cam website out there but I think they are worth it. Also models prefer to use this website because they make more money on this website.
    Recently they changed their policy about shows broadcasted from public places. Since February this isn’t allowed anymore and you don’t see it anymore which is a pity.

    On some areas MFC can still improve their website. I don't like the private gallery section bc its not useful. Feedback from customer support is slow and communication about problems should be better. Sometimes the site is down and nobody knows why.

  • Comment by: MiksZ

    Score: 99% Date: 11/06/2013

    pro is the best cam site ever. The price per minute are not true. If you like, blank or an asshole you can view all for nothing - 24 hours a day. 75% of the models make the show in the open chat, so everywhere can view the show of an model. Without pay per minute. But you give tip to the model. If 100 peoples inside and the model gets tip so the show start and all happy and have fun. but if 100 peoples inside and no one give tip or it comes view small tips the model stop her show and wait for fair players. Some models goes only in private and some other only in group. But nothing from them say anything about the quality of a model.

    It is a very good mixture of beginners and professionals and strictly "no mens".
    The girls are almost all very very friendly. is more than a cam community as a cam strip site for professionals. If you are friendly an fair guy you can have really much fun with the girls much more as a party between friends and not doc and client as with all other sites.

    But watch, some models are very clever as you thing before :-) If you're not careful you will spend all your tokens in seconds. hehe :-) Not because the model is forcing you. but because it makes you so sharp that your brain does not get any more food because your tail consumes everything. haha :-)

    No mobile version and the search functions is ok but not much details.

    personal opinion about some posts here:
    I have the impression that some of the post is written by owners from other sites, because some negative informations are absolutely not true. I'm now since 4 or 5 years a member and i look inside some days per month on myfreecam and on every stage i have had much fun.

    I highly recommend it. You can see each model without Anmedung. Everything is open. No Hidden fall. What other site offers the? It's true there are not all amateurs but certainly 75%. Look yourself you'll see that I had not told shit.

  • Comment by: mmjjaa

    Score: 100% Date: 12/30/2012

    Thank you

  • Comment by: dave

    Score: 92% Date: 10/20/2012

    Great site, although at times beset by technical difficulties. I imagine it has grown much faster than its infrastructure. There's a ton of really, really, and I mean REALLY hot amateur girls on here, girls that do not cam anywhere else. Lots of unique personalities. The drawbacks for me are that they don't allow couples, so no hardcore and more niche performers tend to not do well (curvy ones) as only the hot ones float to the top of the page and get most customers. Also, not enough HD cams.nOverall though, definitely one of the best cam sites out there.

  • Comment by: Cel

    Score: 98% Date: 10/18/2012

    awesome cam site! you can wack off and have fun, all without dishing out a dime. some people spend insane amounts on tips though, I think it became sort of like an alpha male show-off. There are many examples of 20$k, 30$k and even 40$k+ tips in ONE SINGLE TIP!!! would love to have been in the room when that happens to see how the performer reacts...

  • Comment by: MFC fan

    Score: 95% Date: 10/16/2012

    Pros: unique, fun, interactive, free, tons of hot performers, cool features

    Cons: expensive for pvt, awkward navigation, lots of scamming models and users.

    Bottom line: one of the best, only streamate beats it for me and thats only because I prefer pvt instead of group chat.

  • Comment by: freecams

    Score: 90% Date: 08/07/2012

    i'm very happy with myfreecams, it is one of the best free cams sites. the only one that comes close these days is chaturbate. the payout on myfreecams for models is the best. and it also has the nicest community of users.

  • Comment by: Loitermann

    Score: 85% Date: 05/29/2012

    This site is pretty great. A vast array of models, so there's someone for everyone, and most girls will do what you ask if your polite. It's not particularly cheap, but figuring out what you want goes a long way into choosing the right girls.

  • Comment by: Franz

    Score: 85% Date: 04/24/2012

    My experience has been positive. There are usually 500-1000 models online depending on the time of day. So there’s always a wide selection to meet your particular tastes, though the selection of mature models is a bit weak. You also have a lot of control over how much you spend. Just like a strip club, you can toss a tip during a free show or go in the “backroom” for a more expensive group or private show. The more popular performers can have +500 viewers, but there are others with just 3-4 if you prefer more personal interaction. Most of the models are friendly, though I did encounter a few with a bitchy attitude … and I’m not paying for what I get for free at home – lol. I also had one problem with my account, but MyFreeCams responded quickly to fix it. The only real CON is that the website could be made more smooth – it needs better search and navigation features.

  • Comment by: James

    Score: 100% Date: 04/23/2012

    In my opinion, one of the best camsites so far. You can find anything here, dirty babes, romantic ones, fetish really anything. It is like a community.

  • Comment by: p1

    Score: 12% Date: 03/18/2012

    Out of respect for the members of this site, I have closed my account and will not come back. Sometimes knowing when to stop being a begger is more important then listening to a model like Ava or a webmaster. (comment moderated)

  • Comment by: Jose M

    Score: 90% Date: 03/17/2012

    I've been a member for about 3 years now, and I've had lots of fun! I won't go over the things already mentioned on the review which I think they are very accurate.
    It's true that you can enjoy the site for free, either as a guest or a registered member, but I would recommend anyone to become a Premium member (You become one when you buy tokens and stay Premium for life) because you get access to the feature I think is the best about this site... Interaction! with models as well as other members. Some models mute guests and basics, but as a premium you get to talk to anyone (unless you do something stupid and get banned) and you have access to the lounge! a members-only (no models) room where you can talk about anything while watching the girls (they can't know when you watch them from there).
    There you will see other members recommend girls, tell when there is some action going on, etc. It is a fun place to be...
    I've made a few good friends on MFC, members and models.
    Oh yes... and some of the shows in free are really good! Much better than privates in other sites!

  • Comment by: Free

    Score: 69% Date: 02/19/2012

    MFC shows a new way of keeping things going. And it is really free if you want it! The site is getting big. It also have a lot of problems, but if you can live with them it's a good site!
    My best suggestion: show 20-50 cams and sort them by "Most Popular". At least one of the 5 most popular will be worth watching!

  • Comment by: toolhull

    Score: 70% Date: 01/04/2012

    Every time I go on MFC, it's the same thing, they keep up dating every 5 seconds. Tons of models. at least 400 at a time. Do they realize how annoying it is to click on a models pic only to wind up with another girl. And when you go back she not in the same order. Good luck finding her. Also no favorites section. no search engine. Each girl has a profile page. Which is nice. But to many girls go overboard on the graphics, and you cannot read the page. The graphics wash out the info on the girl. Also it would be nice if they added there bust and cup size, for us tits men.

  • Comment by: ecah69

    Score: 88% Date: 11/13/2011

    no asian women

    nive other women

    awesome site... its just a pain to have to add money everytime, i ran out of money in the middle of a heated session... other sites, the credit card is being charged upon use.

  • Comment by: Shin

    Score: 70% Date: 11/08/2011

    This site is great but management sucks. It doesn’t matter how many times you complain to them, no one will reply and the problem remains unsolved. I wrote to them about one of the models. This model will ask for a tip to do a show. Once you tip her she bans you from her room, as simple as that, and you can’t do anything about it. I even asked a friend of mine to tip her for a show. Once he did she just simply banned him. We both wrote to management about this and we both got no reply, and the model is steel banning the guys.

  • Comment by: matt

    Score: 85% Date: 10/30/2011

    I was never into live webcams; I always thought it was annoying as hell when they pop-up on other web-sites. So I went to go check out this site when it popped up, and I'm glad I did. I think this site is freaking awesome. LOTS of girls to choose from. However, it seems that once you get off the first page and visit the other 3 pages which are full of women, the women aren't that hot or the women aren't doing that sexy of stuff. All the first page is awesome though. We are talking about a lot of models here though. Sometimes so many people can be in a chat room that it slows down the webcast, but it takes a lot of people to do that. But just like a strip club you gotta be careful with your tips cause next thing you know you just blew all of your tokens. Of course 5 and 10 token tips don't get you far with a model (but that depends) so you have to spread your tokens out. Some high rollers will tip 1000+ tokens, but damn, I don't have that money.
    I found this site very fun and a lot of models seem to be really cool and sexy.

  • Comment by: micler

    Score: 90% Date: 06/28/2011

    So long to get into this website, very good

  • Comment by: Kathleen

    Score: 95% Date: 06/27/2011

    I didn't think there could ever be a site like this that actually kept my interest. I am now an addict to this site because the girls are gorgeous, I love meeting the different personalities, and I get to entertain the one's that also enjoy entertainment from a sexy girl. What impresses me is the option of beautiful ladies because it's literally endless! The only 2 cons i have about this site is that you never which one's are all about payment first play later or if they are all for play and money is just money. The second thing i wish they had is an option for couples to become webcam models. Other than that check it out if you've been missing what this site is all about:]

  • Comment by: Kaz

    Score: 60% Date: 06/18/2011

    Plenty of good girls on the site from all over. The bad part? The cam quality is sub par and the privates are insanely stupid overpriced. Privates (which aren't actually private mind you) will run around $6 per minute, 2-3 times as much as many other cam sites with better video quality.

    A "true" private (which some models will actually require) clocks in at roughly $8/minute. For those that don't have a kushy CEO job, the cost of the site is just far too high.

  • Comment by: chris tilton

    Score: 100% Date: 03/15/2011

    this is the best site for women ever,,, i love it

  • Comment by: NotMilk69

    Score: 90% Date: 02/14/2011

    Excellent site but here's the hook. Join the site for free, buy some tokens, enjoy the upgrade to premium. Tipping is up to you but you have free access to the good stuff from that point on. I tip because nobody works for free.

    Try the Lounge for tips on who is naked now.

    Pros: Truly beautiful women, doing all that you could ask. And really, mostly free if you don't tip or can't afford it.

    Cons: No categories, should add shemales

  • Comment by: john

    Score: 90% Date: 01/25/2011

    awesome site... its just a pain to have to add money everytime, i ran out of money in the middle of a heated session... other sites, the credit card is being charged upon use.

  • Comment by: Tom

    Score: 95% Date: 01/03/2011

    Lots of beautiful naked women. A virtual lounge where others chat and suggest which models to watch. No need to spend any money, excellent site model for any voyeur.

  • Comment by: rylan

    Score: 80% Date: 01/02/2011

    pro. free viewing in basic area instead of text over picture

    con. site has glitches. ie purchases dont allways reset in set time

  • Comment by: yagaraj

    Score: 90% Date: 11/24/2010

    The best cam site for me! Lot of fun. Wet Colombian girls-like them most, but far not only! U can choose between so many American, so many Romanian, many Russian, may Asian and some European girls. Many shower shows every day! A lot of oil shows per hour. Dirty shows too. Young and innocent looking girls doing fantastic things! I adore girls there. A big contest between them...and viewer wins. A big smile, when I write about them! The girls there are not thousands, but quality of performance and competition for rating and rank are bigger than any similar cams. I never see so much hotness of the girls in front of a cam at the same time. Just go in there and browse enough to find what u are searching for! There are no instant supervisors, so girls feel free for showing more. And many of them do it! And all are happy-viewers and performers.