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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Dominic Ford has done something for me that no one has managed to do for a while. He's created porn that really piqued my interest and not just for its 3D formats. For some folks, wearing special glasses to have cocks, asses and handsome faces pop from their screen may seem a tad gimmicky. However, I can guarantee a sticky ending to every visit even if you only watch the standard 2D versions. That's because only the best pornstars and hottest of performers fill each shoot.

Yes, even this jaded porn viewer can still have his mind blown. The 150 movies always include at least one format with Full HD playback. You can also download them for your iPod, iPhone or iPad, so you know they're always on top of emerging technologies. The action is a mix of masturbation, blowjobs and anal penetration. I'm sure you're wondering about the 3D flicks, but first let me tell you that the glasses are sent out for free the day you join.

First you get a cardboard pair and then after six months you get a "pro" pair made of plastic. I luckily already had a pro pair. Watching the scenes is a little surreal at first and for some in the office, they found the focus and colors a tad off. I personally found the 3D effects rather good and think it depends on how large your screen is and what distance you sit from it.

It helps of course that the men in every scene are super-hot. There are musclemen, young guys, hairy dads and pornstars, including my favorite redheaded, hung buff, Blu Kennedy. You can also check the hunks out in 150 photo sets that come with images that aren't huge but still look good.

Someone else in the office had already seen Dominic's work sampled on a special 3D screen that works with the polarized glasses you get in a movie theatre and said the flicks looked even better that way. The site actually offers versions that could work on a 3D monitor/viewing system. I should also mention that you can skip using glasses altogether and simply stare at your screen until the images merge. I tried it out, but was too impatient and started to feel headachy.

Updates get posted weekly and usually include both the 3D and 2D version. Would I join for the 3D feature alone? I don't think so, at least not over the long haul, even though I did enjoy one memorable slow-motion cumshot leaping out of the screen at me. However, Dominic Ford offers porn that looks just as hot in two dimensions as it does in three.

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