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Updated on: 06/13/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Since we last visited BigLeagueSquirters...

  • The site resumed updating for a time and got larger, but now it's stuck at its current size - it hasn't updated since January 2014.
  • You can only download the movies in MP4 formats. Back in the day you could also save them as Windows Media files.
  • Some of the flicks can now be enjoyed in Full HD.

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Some babes are still playing in the minors when it comes to female ejaculation. But over on Big League Squirters, hot chicks prove they have what it takes to get called up to the big leagues where it's much wetter. You'll enjoy ogling babes who make it obvious to everyone when they cum. Besides their loud moans and O faces, there's also the stream of wetness that comes shooting out from between their legs.

BigLeagueSquirters last updated in January 2014, so it's been stuck at its current size for a while now. There are 63 videos and they can all be streamed in an embedded player and downloaded in different MP4 formats. The newer movies are available in Full HD. Some of the older ones are a little less impressive, but still look good.

Now, not all the babes are equally impressive when ejaculating. While some leave only a small puddle of female goodness, others seem to have a bazooka water gun up there with the amount of squirt they let loose. I also like that unlike a lot of squirting sites, these babes engage in some serious hardcore sex rather than just making themselves squirt in solo shoots.

Each flick also comes with a large set of good-looking pictures that you can browse to get a sense of the scene. Although the 63 photo sets are fun, I would use the streaming option to preview the flicks instead (especially since you can move forward in the scene with pretty much no buffering). You can download the images in Zip files and view them in slideshows.

Extras include additional videos and pictures dedicated to squirters as well as access to more "channels" in the Lethal Hardcore network, like Big Juicy Juggs, Lethal Creampies and Spin On My Cock. Or check out the other networks at the top of the page, like Teen Girls.

Big League Squirters has a decent amount of squirting action, though it does need to get back to updating. All the extras might keep you glued to your computer for quite a while as long as you don't mind that most of the girls don't squirt.

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