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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
Number of Reviews: 174
Average Score: 65

Only Tease is a softcore site that focuses on hot babes in uniforms, costumes, nylons and other kinky outfits. New material is uploaded at least once a day (not always a video though), so this already big collection continues to grow at an impressive rate.

There are about 740 British babes posing in a variety of outfits on OnlyTease. School uniforms, blue-collar duds, exercise outfits and sailor suits are just some of the getups you'll see. The focus of these scenes is on the slow and seductive striptease. The mystery of what the girl has under her clothes matters more than her getting nude. In fact, you won't see much full-frontal nudity, but you will see a lot of boobs.

There are around 1,741 vids available for download in several formats, but the HD Windows Media files are the best. The older vids don't generally offer the HD option, but they're still pretty impressive. The flicks are a mix of behind-the-scenes footage, special model profile videos and action scenes designed specifically to tease and please. You can also stream the movies and the newer ones come with a format that works great with mobile devices.

There are over 9,160 photo galleries. Most are filled with gorgeous high-res images that can be downloaded in Zip files. The old sets bring you pics that aren't quite as large, but they still look good. Most of the models have multiple sets and you can vote for your favorite ones.

At the end of each month, the totals are tallied and the winner is deemed "model of the month" (although the model of the month section has been untouched since November 2011) and extra photo sets of her are posted for her adoring fans. These are then compiled for the "model of the year" contest. They used to upload a special set of photos every Friday in the prestige section, but that hasn't occurred since May 2012.

One cool feature is their "fasttrack." Each member is given 10 per month and this allows you to view a gallery before it has been released to the members' area. They also give you the option to earn more of these in the forum and they now offer the option to buy them too.

It's obvious that the site has a monster-load of material for you, but it's well-organized. All the content is broken down by year and month and the sections make for easy browsing. You can use the model index to find someone specific and there's an advanced search engine where you can filter just videos or photos, and particular outfits. You might also want to save your favorites, leave ratings and post comments.

There's a forum and podcasts to peruse when you have the time. There are also two bonus sites for you to explore if you opt for a standard membership, namely Only Carla and Only Melanie. Additional sites can be accessed if you choose to go with a slightly more expensive membership.

Only Tease continues to offer some of the best erotic softcore porn, making it one of the best sites in its niche. Your imagination will fuel the fantasies you create as you watch sexy lingerie being revealed by these beautiful British gals.


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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Mack Brey

    Score: 80% Date: 11/18/2014

    I visited Only Tease to see if the content was as good as rated in some of the reviews that I read. Site does in fact have about 700 British models that pose in outfits ranging from school uniforms to sailor suits. New videos and/or photos are added daily. Additional site access is offered in some of the membership plans. Only Tease focuses mainly on the seductive strip tease created by the beautiful girls featured on the site. Only Tease also features a Model of the Month and Model of the Year contest based on visits to the models section. All considered, it’s a pretty good site.

  • Comment by: arthur

    Score: 100% Date: 02/24/2014

    I recommend this site to any body who loves woman's beauty. Period.

  • Comment by: the1

    Score: 30% Date: 11/08/2013

    Ugh... not worth it at all. I love a good strip tease and I'm usually not too interested in hardcore, but these girls are just... really bad at it. I'm speaking of the videos - they're just kind of... awkward and forced. Speaking of video I should have paid more attention and noticed that photo sets outnumber videos by 7 to 1. Since I don't care about the photos that was a big let down right there. Also, a good strip tease should end in nudity and by the end of these you're lucky to see some tits. I knew going in the nudity was limited, but I didn't think it was THAT limited. I highly recommend checking out Nubiles instead - way hotter stripping that actually ends with nudity (and usually masturbation) and the occasional hardcore to mix it up a little.

    The site itself isn't terrible, the content is just really disappointing. The content is served via a good CDN that has no problem maxing out my 50mbit connection. The downloadable video quality is decent, but not great. Averageish for 720p, I guess. The photosets do look nice (easier to not seem forced when you have time to set up each shot I guess) but like I said still images don't really do it for me. I'd also like to say that their 'streaming' video is _technically_ NOT streaming - the entire video has to buffer you can skip around. I guess you wouldn't normally want to skip around a good strip tease, but like I said these are pretty disappointing.

    I spent 20 minutes on the site trying to find something I liked - I didn't and don't plan on returning. Where's the refund button?

  • Comment by: jayman

    Score: 69% Date: 06/29/2013

    What can I say? Great production quality, but very boring. After a while the girls do look the same.

  • Comment by: dgm

    Score: 60% Date: 06/21/2013

    The 'only' sites are incredibly dull with all the girls somehow all looking the same. Just a very boring experience.

  • Comment by: fuzzy

    Score: 90% Date: 05/05/2013

    Great site with some stunning girls. I'm not normally a softcore fan but the tease element is what does it for me - must be down to great photographers. There are a handful of new photosets everyday. The videos less so but I don't bother with them anyway.

    Pros: Daily updates, beautiful girls.

    Cons: Poor OnlyAllSites and VIP options - scrap these and keep it simple.

  • Comment by: vertebra

    Score: 75% Date: 01/30/2011

    Have been on and of a few times on only-tease.
    Lovely-models. stunning sets. Very good search engine.
    BUT. with the six different sites the price iss getting a big high.
    If you are one this site it says 25 usd. but if you sign up from europe Onlyallsites is smart enough to change to euros. that is the economy.

    Why not do ass all the other megasites and have one price for it all.
    This has for the time beeing given me a reason for a needed brake from the "ONLY" family.

    Good updates. but beginning to bee to expensive

  • Comment by: Pete

    Score: 85% Date: 10/24/2010

    I think the OT site is brilliant. I find I don't want any more teasing than that which I get on this site. My imagination fills in what the pictures and videos don't show and very soon I find myself shooting.

    Hardcore porn is a complete turn-off to me.

  • Comment by: Wanker

    Score: 80% Date: 10/16/2010

    This site is the best in its class by far. Those who love softcore and women in sexy outfits will love it.

    Here's the problem with the site from my perspective. I'd estimate that only 10-20% of the models are what I would classify as actually "hot." By that I mean, yes I'd sleep with that woman. Furthermore, only about 1-3% of the models are remarkably hot.

    I know this because I was recently going through the archive to download all of the sets I wanted prior to putting my membership on hiatus for a few months at least.

    At least 80% of the models are women that I wouldn't give a second glance at if I saw them in public. Several are downright unattractive.

    The site is based on the UK, and men there seem to like their women with a bit of cushion. Women that are obviously carrying a few extra pounds are often rated higher by users than women with remarkably fit bodies and slender legs.

    If women with a few extra pounds is your type, then you'll find 80% of the women on the site to be appealing, and more power to you!

    The site offers daily updates. However, I can sometimes go several days without finding any of the models to be appealing. The ones I do like make up for it enough to have kept me on the site for a year though.

    The true genius of the site is that it is sexy and erotic without being TOO artistic. I find that sites like MetArt are sometimes too artistic to really inspire me to rub one out. ;-)

  • Comment by: DumbAss

    Score: 90% Date: 07/18/2010

    Excellent review Spankie, thanks...I wish more of them were like that. It helps! Don't pay attention to the score (I had to add one)

  • Comment by: Spankie

    Score: 90% Date: 03/07/2010

    This is a great site for me. I have a thing for women in sexy day to day outfits (whether it be dressed for the office, the gym, etc). This site takes the fantasy a bit further by showing women stripping down in those outfits, and playing up the various sexy aspects of each one.

    In mainstream porn, the women may start out in a great outfit, but they are usually naked by the third pic in the set. At Only Tease, they slowly strip down. Some models only go as far as being topless, and others get completely naked.

    Pros: Most of the girls are hot, but with a "girl next door" quality to them, rather than a 'plastic' porn star look. Is there a cute girl at work who always wears stockings and heels that really turns you on? You'll probably find a girl on here that reminds you of her.

    "Prestige" sets come out that typically feature well known porn models.

    The production values are good, but do not stray into the "artistic" zone. Artistic porn sites look great, but personally I don't find them to be great wanking material.

    Cons: The "girl next door" look can sometimes be a bad thing, as there are a number of models that aren't my idea of attractive. The site doesn't stray into BBW territory, but many of the models are in the 10-20 pound overweight range.

    The site is based in the UK, and the UK sense of beauty prevails. Users can rate the models, and you will sometimes see slightly chubby girls rating higher than those with perfect bodies.

    Also, some of the outfits can be a bit cheap. A good example is the fitness sets. There are LOTS of sexy outfits that women wear at the gym, but Only Tease seems to purchase the cheaper brands that aren't very flattering and ruin a potentially great set.

    I rate the site highly overall because what I do like about it, I like A LOT and can't find elsewhere.

  • Comment by: Wacker Yates

    Score: 85% Date: 09/28/2008

    This site is great for uniform/tease picture sets! Personally, I would like to at least get a glimpse of a girl's pussy, but most show you nothing!
    Also, although the picture quality is good, with various resolutions, I do think the colour saturation is too high in some of the sets, which have also have a slightly fuzzy feel. Putting the images through Photoshop or similar and toning the colour down and adjusting contrast improves them - but who wants to have to do this?
    Overall though, good if you want to be teased!

  • Comment by: MetalMiyagi

    Score: 80% Date: 09/22/2008

    Overall, I'd highly recommend OnlyTease to anyone who likes softcore or lingerie sets. I really liked most of OT's clothing, every once in a while you'd get some crazy looking outfits. But most of the time not too bad.

    Where OT loses me is is the nudity factor. I realize Tease is actually in the sites name and I love the first 3/4 of the set that is a tease but I need the payoff. If you are a breat fan, you should have a hayday. If you prefer full frontal nudity, over the course of 2-3 months you'll probably be disappointed. Alot of girls don't get full nude and on the older sets, the ones that do normally just give you a tease of the pussy. OT seems to have gotten alittle naughtier lately, with a little more open legs clear views. Unfortunately it seems to be the same models all the time. To me some of the OT set's are kinda like watching a great movie, with a very crappy ending.

    Quality: OT's photo quality are some of the best on the net. Nice large resolution HQ images. The vidoes on the other hand are pretty much usless and frankly pretty crappy quality. You see better higher quality closeups in the photos then in the videos.

    In closing, due to how many models don't get topless or even full nude I'd have to give Only Tease a 80/100. OT seems to try to be a jack of all trades and a master of none.

  • Comment by: Tchigorin

    Score: 95% Date: 09/18/2008

    I was very happy with my membership here. Content was ample. Girls were beautiful. I like women in tight clothing like secretaries and there was lots of that with many nice poses and different types of clothing. Most landed up fully undressed.