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Updated on: 12/30/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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  • The site still updates frequently and they've added over 600 videos. However, at this point the quality balance has shifted and most offer good-quality playback these days.

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I was really curious when I saw the site Hometown Honeys. Whose hometown? Mine or yours? Doesn't really matter, though, because in the end wherever these honeys come from they sure do like to get down and dirty. What you have here is quite the interesting grab-bag of themes.

The website is easy enough to navigate, with all the videos contained in a single section. You're free to sort them in a few ways, including by top rated, but it's a bit odd considering that the rating function on the scenes doesn't actually work. Still, you can find ones you like using content tags and save the ones you really enjoy to a special favorites section.

There are 1,175 videos on HometownHoneys. All the scenes have been taken from DVDs. In other words, the material isn't exclusive. One thing it is, though, is varied. There's no central theme, so don't be surprised to see coed cuties sucking dick, chicks licking clits, group action or even some raunchy tranny sex.

Each scene can be streamed on the site in an embedded player. You used to be able to download them as well, but that's no longer the case. Most of the films offer good-quality playback, even those with "HD" erroneously tacked onto the end of their titles, but apparently you'll come across some that are excellent in quality too. While the site has lots of movies, it lacks photos.

You can expect new material almost every day, with 20 new vids in the last month alone. Between updates you can explore a bunch of bonus sites, including Fuck Fiesta, Fucking Hardcore, Lesbian Ass and Tit World. They bring you a lot more hardcore porn, but none of them are exclusive. That's too bad, but I suppose it's still nice to get something extra rather than nothing at all.

While some of you will no doubt enjoy what Hometown Honeys has to offer, many of you will be turned off by the nonexclusive content and the fact that you can't download anything. Yes, there's a good amount of porn, but you can probably find better elsewhere.

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  • Comment by: mike

    Score: 10% Date: 08/03/2011

    This site is brutal. The videos are ok but mostly old. The bonus sites are all repeat videos etc. The only way to cancel membership is to phone them!?!?! For real, I've never seen that. LAME don't wast your money.