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Updated on: 06/01/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Since we last visited PornstarHardcore...

  • They're still rotating content and there are fewer videos on the site today.
  • The site has made some changes to its design and you'll now find content tags.

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I once read a sex column in which some Swedish dude asked the columnist if a woman's anus is really bigger than a man's and, therefore, a prime candidate for a rigorous anal expunging. The reason I bring this up is because after checking out Pornstar Hardcore (as opposed to Amateur Hardcore), it's clear that girls in the industry have anuses that can be considered a higher grade of robust than is the norm.

In the end, tucking the tip of a cock between one's tonsils without losing any stomach content is what constitutes a star, no? The catch here is that not all the babes on PornstarHardcore happen to be recognized names. Some of these babes are simply one-time "models" who missed a couple of car payments and wanted to avoid a visit from the local repo man. At least that's what they say in their scenes. You'll see them in MMF and FFM threesomes, as well as plenty of other scripted guy/gal and lesbian scenes.

You get 251 movies right now, but that's about 20 less than when we were last here in 2012. Back then we suspected the site of recycling the content (we also found a smaller collection on that visit) and they look to be doing the same all these years later. There are dates, but with the site's history I'm not sure they can be believed.

Another negative is that the movies can't be downloaded, but many give you excellent-quality playback when streamed (you're more likely to come across great-quality ones though). There are no photos, either.

The website has altered its design a bit. Overall, it hasn't changed too much, but things do look slightly better now. The new look has also come with some new features, the most helpful of which is the ability to look for similar scenes using various content tags. You can also save your favorites and you get some sorting options.

You get access to about a dozen additional sites and Fuck Fiesta, and Tit World are just three that you can check out. All together, the websites combine to give you a whole lot more hardcore sex. But it doesn't appear as though you can download any of it. In the end, if you're looking for exclusive porn that you can actually download, you should go elsewhere to get your fix.

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