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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Some guys will fuck anyone, anywhere, at any time and Stephan is one such guy. He doesn't care who he's with or where he is, he just wants to have sex. Amazingly, he's found a bunch of babes who are just as ready and willing to screw as he is and it's thanks to them that we can all enjoy the Banged In Public website.

If there's one thing that needs to be said about Stephan and the ladies on BangedInPublic, it's that they all have balls. What I mean is that these people are quite daring and bold, so, no, the chicks don't have nuts. When you see them fucking in public, they really are out in the open where anyone can see them. In fact, you'll often see people strolling in and out of view and a number of them take notice that people are screwing mere feet away from them.

Most of the vids start with Stephan introducing us to the gal who will be his partner for the scene. Some are mature and others look college-aged. All the dialogue is in German and no subtitles are provided, so I have no idea what's actually being said. In the end I suppose it isn't important because soon thereafter Stephan and his lady friend wander about, stopping to fuck in parks, phone booths and a variety of other places.

There are 171 videos and they can all be streamed in Flash. Unfortunately, they can't be downloaded, but on the bright side, the flicks offer great-looking playback. Each movie comes with a set of high-res pictures, so you can check them out as well. The 171 photo sets typically feature the same hardcore action that can be seen in the vids and they are downloadable in Zip files.

Eight Adult Blast sites are included with a membership, so check out Date Site Liars, Hunting For Pussy and Squirt Coach. As for the public-banging action, the site looks to have stopped updating given that nothing new has been added in a little over a year.

Banged in Public has a lot going for it, but the fact that you can't download its videos does hurt as does the lack of updates. There is, however, enough content to make it worth a look for those into in public sex.

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