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Updated on: 12/23/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Crotches are kicked, nut sacks are pulled and stiff shafts are bitten, so the action on Brutal Ball Busting certainly doesn't hold back. Gorgeous Dommes take control of those cocks and toe the line (sometimes literally) between pleasure and pain.

The design of BrutalBallBusting is pretty simple and it's easy to navigate. There's an area where the CBT flicks are organized according to date and the thumbnails show images of the dominant ladies who dish out the pain.

Bubbly cheerleaders, alternative hotties with tattoos and at least one Asian firecracker can be seen kicking these guys in the balls, munching on their stiffies and otherwise dishing out some royal pain. You'll also see pierced penises, dick-trampling with high heels and electro play. Ouch!

After all the titillating penis torture, the chick sucks the guy's dick until it explodes all over her face. Some of the 112 movies even have a slow-motion replay of the money shot, with intense classical music for dramatic effect. Parts of the scenes are often shot POV, so you can enjoy the experience from a more intimate perspective.

You'll be able to watch the domineering babes grab hold of those pain-seeking chubbies in MP4 files that offer good-quality playback. You can also stream the flicks online and you'll be able to fast-forward without any buffering delays. There isn't a section for the photos, but most of the videos come with a set. Mostly you only get vid caps, but there are 23 galleries too (that are sometimes mixed with video captures). None can be downloaded in Zip files, though.

You also get access to lots of bonus sites from the Fetish Network. For more Femdom check out Kinky Carmen. If you're in the mood for other kinds of kink, you can explore spanking, bondage, smothering, fisting and smoking sites. They give you something to keep busy with while you wait for updates, although I wouldn't count on any actually coming given that it's been more than a year since the last one.

Brutal Ball Busting provides you with some good cock-and-ball torture porn and while the lack of updates is disappointing, there's enough already here to make it worth your while. Fans of CBT should consider signing up.

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  • Comment by: Paul

    Score: 80% Date: 06/15/2011

    One main pro is that the woman can make her man the bitch and put a strapon on and make him say her name and the bad thing is that he has to take it whether its good or bad and make it seem like the woman is actually punishing him when she's not or is she only she has the power to make him obey her to her desires, for her satisfaction!!!!.That is what a man wants is to be ordered to do whatever for whoever at their will ohya!!!.