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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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I think they may have officially run out of ideas for porn sites. TnA Tryouts is yet another site that uses the whole audition setup. Babes arrive holding the flyer that lured them there with promises of being the next big star. Then, after a little auditioning, these girls are more than willing to do whatever it takes to get the job.

If you are new to porn, TnATryouts might please you with its bad acting and novice chicks. If you are a porn-viewing veteran, then your only question at this point should be, "How hot is the porn once they get to the sex?"

To that question I can answer, "Very." The chicks are cute and sexy and the sex is your standard well-lit and well-filmed hardcore fare. The babes suck and screw and are finished off with a jizzy load on their faces and in their mouths, which is followed by a "We will call you" before sending them on their way.

There are only 15 videos and 14 photo sets, though. Updates appear to arrive every few days, so you'd think the website would be growing at a decent pace. The thing is, it's not. In fact, in hasn't grown at all since we last looked at it and it appears as though the material is just being rotated.

However, the good news, if there can be good news when the content is rotated, is that there do appear to be more than 15 videos that they are rotating in and out. Meaning the 15 we saw last time aren't the exact same 15 I am seeing today.

The quality of the material is where this collection shines. The pictures are high-res and the videos are available for download in a high-def Windows Media file. There is also an MP4 file that you can upload to your preferred mobile device. If you want, you can also stream the movies in an embedded Flash player.

While the site is obviously not big enough to be worthwhile on its own, a membership also gets you access to two bonus sites, namely 18 Eighteen and Picking Up Pussy, so more porn acting and horny chicks banging is available. There are also some solo, lesbian and hardcore bonus scenes to check out.

TnA Tryouts has high-quality porn, but it'll need to get bigger before it's worth joining on its own. Also, making all its material available at once instead of rotating it would make things so much better.

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  • Comment by: ttry

    Score: 5% Date: 01/11/2012

    Very limited tryout.
    Caution: Site highjacks your browser!