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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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I wasn't sure if How To Bang A Pornstar was going to show me how to actually have sexual intercourse with a porn professional or how to get her over to my place in order to fuck her. But after having checked out the site, the "instructions," if you will, are about getting her to your place. The actual sex is going to be in your hands (or hopefully not, since you will have a pornstar there with you).

I gotta say that the normally creative porn world seems to be running out of ideas. How do you get the pornstar over to your place? Well, according to the scenes on HowToBangAPornstar, you just go on a website, pick a pornstar, then call the agency and tell them which one you want and when you want her. Really? That's the extent of creative ideas nowadays?

Oh, you also have to pretend you are filming a porn scene, so you will need some kind of camera to fool them with. And then, get this, you don't pay them after you film and fuck them - now, there's something we have only seen a hundred times before. If that isn't one of the most unoriginal setups ever, I don’t know what is. The good news is that the pornstars are gorgeous and the sex is hot and hardcore.

Before I get to more good news I need to mention some of the bad. There are only 18 episodes and they haven't updated in about five months. However, it doesn’t matter at this point, since the small collection means you aren’t joining for just the main content anyway. The photos are high-res and the videos are downloadable in an HDWindows Mediaformat. There is also a streaming Flash version.

What you are joining for are the 36 Reality Gang network bonus sites, including Big Sausage Pizza, Big Tit Bangers and Latina Caliente. The quality of the content ranges from average to HD throughout the network and while some of the sites are similarly small, others are much bigger. In the end, How To Bang A Pornstar just doesn't have enough content.

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