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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
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One of the first things you might notice when you start playing one of the videos on this site is a watermark reading "Gigantische natürliche Brüste". No, you have not just stumbled upon a massive collection of nonexclusive massive melon material, those three words just happen to be German for Gigantic Natural Breasts and that's where this site is from. Guess you have more reason now than ever to attend Oktoberfest, huh?

There are no understatements going on here. When they say GiganticNaturalBreasts, they be talkin' 'bout some huge muthafuckin' tits, yo! These dames have such colossal coconuts, one has to wonder if they've been fitted with adamantium spines like Wolverine has to help them stay upright. Some of the jugs on this site have so much hang going on, they look like some kind of organic armor.

In effect, you'll be finding yourself with about 200 movies and in some instances, you'll feel as though each set of boobs gets larger than the next. Overall, you'll find vids that vary in quality, but a good percentage of them offer excellent-quality playback. The fact that the videos are somewhat erratically arranged and mostly not offered in full-length formats might test the patience of some. The parts are often not posted in order, so that's why the total number of vids is an approximation.

As I went from episode to episode I started getting curious as to how some dudes would fare with these tremendous tits. Even though, there's no hardcore, you will see some guys playing around with the tremendous titties, including some bondage action. You also get some chill hang-out videos and in the case of one, some babe is "at the supermarket" (read: some guy's garage with cans of soup where the motor oil should be).

What would the 177 or so picture sets be without a super high-res option? These images are so bold and big that the challenge of finding a monitor large enough to view them might be an issue. If you happen to have one of those moms who gripe incessantly about how your intense need for breast milk led to a sore back, you have visual evidence at the ready. As with the videos, the photo sets are often broken up into multiple parts.

No bonus sites come with this site, but just having the knowledge that there are babes out there with nukes like these should be bonus enough. Besides having seen the other sites from the same parent company's network, I can tell you that you're getting lots of content from those sites on this one. 

The design is less than perfect and it's been almost nine months since the last update, but Gigantic Natural Breasts has some impressive content. Give it a look if you love huge tits.

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