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Updated on: 10/09/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Since we last visited FFFights...

  • Updates continue to be posted on a weekly basis, but there are actually fewer videos. It seems as though many of the older ones were removed. The number of photo sets has increased, though.
  • MPEG downloads are no longer offered. Vids only come in Windows Media and MP4 formats now.
  • The quality of the flicks has gotten a bit better.

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I grew up in a rough rural area and I remember seeing some major catfights back in the day. You wouldn't want to cross any of the chicks involved in those brawls because they didn't show any mercy as they punched, scratched and pulled hair. I'm sure it turned on a few onlookers, but these hardened gals were a bit too intimidating for me. I prefer the ladies on F F Fights, who may be just as fierce, but have a more feminine flair to their aggression.

It helps that the ladies on FFFights are all wearing lace or silk lingerie. In some cases they're completely topless or even naked. They'd probably still end up knocking me out with a sucker punch if I tried to intervene. I'd be too busy staring at their breasts and other body parts to concentrate on anything else.

At any rate, the fights seem fair enough in the 351 videos. They can all be downloaded in a Windows Media format and some can be saved as MP4s as well. They can be streamed too. (They removed the MPEGs.) They vary in quality, but even the worst of them still look quite good. The ones being added to the site at the moment are available in Full HD.

I know this all sounds terrific, but I should point out that most bouts last under five minutes. When I said before that the fights seemed fair, I meant the opponents look about equal in size and strength. They may be physically matched, but there's always one combatant who dominates the other. By the end of the bout, the lady who managed to lose without being knocked out is more than ready to give up and grovel at the victor's feet.

There are also 480 photo galleries to download in Zip files and view in slideshows. The pictures are sharp and high-res, so they show a lot of detail. Many of these models give a whole new meaning to the term "fine fighting form."

There are no bonus sites, but you can check out Damsels In Peril and Femme Fight if you're willing to pay a little more. Extras that you can access for no additional fees include an index of all the "fighters" and a message board. Updates get posted weekly, but there's a download limit of 3GB per day. F F Fight is a pure delight if you like to see lightweight females in hand-to-hand combat.

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