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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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"Have you ever wondered what happens behind the closed doors of monasteries?" That's the question that the people behind The Sacrilege ask on their tour page. As it turns out, they were curious themselves, so they decided to do a little investigating. What they found was "unbelievable and yet unresistably hot." 

Although it might sound like a site devoted to bringing you a hard-hitting exposé, TheSacrilege is really designed to showcase babes dressed as nuns doing things like masturbating, sucking the cocks of priests and eating pussy.

Those of you who are still with me won't be too happy to learn that the site only offers eight videos. That would be fine if it was brand new and updating, but it's neither of those things. In fact, it's been online since 2008 and updates are very sporadic.

All right, now it's time for some good news. The movies can be streamed or downloaded in a few different formats, including an HD Windows Media format that's absolutely sensational. You can also enjoy the vids as lesser-quality Windows Media files, average-quality MPEGs or as files designed for use with mobile devices.

Each film has a corresponding set of pictures, but in a couple of cases you get good-looking vid caps rather than actual photographs. The remaining six picture sets contain some really good-looking images. If you like the pics, you can save them on by one, but you can't download sets in one shot since Zip files aren't made available.

In terms of extras, you do get access to a couple of bonus sites. One is called Dude Your Mom Is Hot and it's all about yummy mommies getting deep-dicked by hung studs. The other one features some sweet chick-on-chick action.

The Sacrilege offers far too little and the infrequent updates mean this site isn't deserving of your money at this time. It might be worth a look for a month or so if you also care about the sites that come with it, but if you don't you may as well stay away from this one.

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