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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
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There was a time in my life when I used to ask myself, "Why not pursue a career that could help me meet chicks? What could possibly lead me to the promised land?" Then it hit me - I should become a photographer. A Sexy Photographer who hooks up with awesome chicks. Then I found out how much photography lessons cost and said, "Fuck it." I couldn't let that cut into my beer money.

SexyPhotographer is a site belonging to someone with obviously more initiative than me. The chicks he found to pose for him are pretty good-looking, too. My favorite by far is Brandon. She really has a flawless body and I was very happy to check out all her pics. But I don't want to take anything away from the other babes on this site, because they all bring something interesting to the table.

As its name implies, this site is about photography, so there aren't any videos for you to check out. There are, however, 72 sets of pictures that provide you with professional shots of beautiful babes peeling off their layers of clothes.

The pics vary in quality, but some are high-res and those that aren't still look quite good. The problem I found here is that some of the sets also show up again on some of the other websites that are part of the Porn Nerd Network. There also aren't any Zip files, so you're stuck downloading the shots you like one at a time.

Speaking of that network, your membership allows you to access its 30 other sites, like Sweet Donna DDD, Sexxy Brandon, Alabama Slammer and London Towers. Most of them toe the amateur line and have videos. Additional bonuses include tons of video streams covering a broad range of hardcore categories.

If you're all right with a site that deals exclusively in photos, you could do worse than this one. Sexy Photographer has its shortcomings, but the passion for its subject is there. That said, evidence suggests that it stopped updating and in its current size it is hard to recommend.

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