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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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The "HQ" in HQ Home Clips stands for "high quality" and that's not typically something associated with homemade porn, which by the way is exactly what this website provides you with. Now, having seen more than my fair share of genuine amateur smut, I didn't have high hopes for the content going in. However, I ended up being pretty impressed by it in the end.

Don't get me wrong, HQHomeClips' content doesn't look anywhere near as polished as the porn you'd see on a big-budget porn site, but for amateur material, it really isn't that bad for the most part. Of course, the quality is uneven at times, but I'll detail what I mean by that below.

As I write this, there are a grand total of 1,257 flicks between the softcore and hardcore sections. They can all be streamed or downloaded, but they're only available in Flash format. You can expect average-quality playback, but some are better in quality. They suffer from things like shaky camerawork and less-than-ideal lighting, but, remember, this is real amateur action.

The flicks are a bit of a mixed bag, but they mostly depict couples fucking and cuties masturbating. The videos look and feel very authentic, but I did see one in which a guy picked up a stunning German hitchhiker on the side of the road and then fucked her soon after. With movies like that, it's easy to believe that some of the material isn't homemade, but the vast majority of it certainly looks authentic.

When it comes to pictures, the site offers 54 hardcore photo galleries and 29 sets of softcore pics. The quality of the images that make up these 83 picture sets varies, but some of them are definitely high-res. Those that aren't still tend to look clear and crisp. That said, I did come across some that had motion blur and other minor problems that you'd expect from amateur photography.

A membership to the site won't give you any extras, but you can't complain about the amount of content, even though it's been six months since the last video was added. I also appreciate that the membership is reasonably priced and there's a lower monthly rebill. HQ Home Clips isn't high in quality, but you are getting real amateur porn.


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    Nothing to write home about ! An OK show