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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
Number of Reviews: 115
Average Score: 62

What you get on Club Sapphic are not just pussy-loving lesbians. Oh no, you've seen plenty of that! Instead you get poon-starved babes who live to fill their mouths with clits and nipples. In fact they are downright voracious when a slender chick is placed before them. If watching gorgeous babes going to town on each other until their wells run dry is your idea of a good time, then check this site out.

ClubSapphic succeeds where so many others either flake out or come up snake eyes. No LUG (lesbian until graduation) or lesbos-for-dollars here. These girls are in love with the petunia and it's so hot that you'll start wishing you were part of the equation very soon. Silky Thumper is really the bomb and you will love what you see of her on this site. There is a good amount of both MILFs and nubile babes.

So far there are 268 videos and there are a couple of ways you can enjoy them. They can be streamed in an embedded player and downloaded in at least two MP4 formats (a good-quality one and another that works well with mobile devices). The 42 most recent vids can also be enjoyed in a couple of HD formats, including one that allows you to enjoy the girl-on-girl action in Full HD.

Each movie comes with a set of images, but those are just vid caps. In the picture section you will find 177 photo galleries. The pics are high-res and you can download the sets in Zip files if you want to save them for offline viewing. This comes in handy seeing as how each set comes with over 100 pics.

You don't get any bonus sites with your membership and it's been a while since the last update. The most recent photo set was added back in January 2012 and the most recent video dates from February of the same year. There's nothing to suggest that there's any new material on the way, so it's entirely possible that the website has stopped updating for good.

Club Sapphic delivers some really hot, juicy lesbian action. The site might may not be growing these days, but it still has a lot offer. So if you're serious about your gal-on-gal action, you should consider giving this website a look.

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  • Comment by: guliphur

    Score: 95% Date: 11/25/2011

    Excellent site far above most lesbian site on the net. Especially if you like build-ups and hate when the girls started naked. IMO a website only comparable to Abby Winters and Viv Thomas(and Sapphicerotica before the east european girl took over)

  • Comment by: LezLover17

    Score: 45% Date: 11/21/2011

    Two years ago, I wrote the positive review seen below. I was thrilled to find this site and its content. Since then, I have joined two times, and each time the service become more disappointing. I am writing here to update my original review.
    The main thing that has gone wrong with Club Sapphic is the service. Updates are few and far between. Sometimes, they take a week to show up, even though the site says they should have happened twice during that period. The site itself is a joke: It pretends to invite comments, but they are scarce. And finally, the site used to provide MP4 versions of its films, but no more; now, only Windows Media.
    In short, what was v. good has gone to bad or v. bad. Which is a shame, considering how excellent it used to be.
    Join once, is my advice, and download all you can, and then forget about it.

  • Comment by: Meep

    Score: 90% Date: 02/02/2011

    This site almost scored a 100 for me and my wife... but for the slow speed of the support staff. But before I mention the bad let's look at the good: The videos are (mainly) just fantastic. As others have mentioned there's none of that nurse nonsense or naughty college girl garbage this is real (ish) women in mostly believable situations getting naughty! Yes some of the women are (MILFs) but seriously they could probably teach us all a thing or two. Acting is great to ok, camera work is very good and generally focus on the erotic as well as the explicit. Now the Bad, when we first joined we couldn't login in for a day or two so we fired off an email. Then suddenly we manged to get access.... one week before our first months subscription ran out however we got a reply... simply not good enough! For now we've left the site but may return in the future

  • Comment by: grilldude

    Score: 95% Date: 03/20/2010

    Best Lez site I have ever been a member of!!! (And I've been a member of many.) The scenes are all very phony "real" nurses in a doctors office with their garter belts showing..."real" schoolteachers with their tits hanging out...etc. NO...these performances are extremely realiztic and the ladies perform their roles with passion and a reality that is never there on most all other sites. Excellent teen/MILF encounters as well. The videos are of great quality in WMV and the only reason I gave it a 95 rating is that they're not high-res, but that's really not a problem with this site. Kudos to the folks who have created this site and keep up the great work.

  • Comment by: Tim

    Score: 90% Date: 01/06/2010

    If you like real lesbian action, real orgasms without either toys or fake moans and groans , then this site is for you.
    The actresses involved seem to really enjoy the sex, and appear to have a genuine rapport with each other. Many a video is spiced up by the natural attraction between the models.
    Each set has a good build up to the action, (though often a far fetched plot) and each actress seems to really enjoy her role. While the sex once it is reached is as hard as any other site, there is no sudden rush to take off clothes or to start having sex. Indeed in most sets a lot of time is taken up by kissing which leads on most naturally to intimate and hard core sex.
    I would have rated it higher if there werre more videos and a greater no of updates.
    pros:- many attractive girls, of all ages
    good build up top each set to add realism
    mostly exclusive action only otherwise available on Sweetheart Videos
    limited toy action
    cons:- only about 90 videos
    updates only once a week
    no bonus material
    some models not very attractive
    In conclusion, if there was more material, then this would, in my opinion, be far and away the best lesbian site on the net.

  • Comment by: Christ M.

    Score: 90% Date: 12/11/2009

    Maybe it's written somewhere and I failed to acknowledge what I was getting into.

    I took the 2 day trial, unfortunately I didn't know I wouldn't get the full membership for that price.

    It gives you 2 or 3 One minute playview of the beginning of a video of your choice.

    After that, the website was useless to me.

    It's all about the SweetHeart Video Movies and of course the sex is hot, but some of the women involved are.. IMO 28-45 years old and somre are ... out of shape lol.

  • Comment by: Barby

    Score: 100% Date: 11/03/2009

    I must agree with the comments of LezLover17 who describes this site so well that there is nothing useful I can add.

  • Comment by: LezLover17

    Score: 100% Date: 08/05/2009

    This is by far the best - that is, the most stimulating and engaging and hot and fascinating - erotica I have ever seen, lesbian or otherwise. The women on screen impress me as not only beautiful but genuinely enjoying their time together other, too - a quality that is direly missing from virtually ever other porn offering on the Internet. There is genuine frisson here, real orgasms, real heat, real emotion and trust. And that, more than big tits or glam hair or enormous toys or squeals of fake climax, is what turns many of us on. Indeed, there are very few toys here - a relief - and instead, lots of kissing and licking and grinding and rubbing and lots of time taken to get where they're going. The stories framing the movies are not particularly convincing, but that doesn't mean the women immediately strip and go down on each other. Instead, they talk, sometimes to the camera or an off-screen interviewer but more often to each other, and they gradually move the hard stuff. And the hard stuff is hard, no doubt, but it is not filmed as just body parts being worked and displayed. Instead, the dual-camera crews film in real-time, with no cuts (another innovation!), and they let complete bodies tell the story. Yes, one sees vulvas and lips and nipples, but they're not the main focus. In fact, these encounters are so intimate and real that as a viewer, one feels almost embarrassed to watch; am I intruding on these people's privacy?, you begin wonder, with some discomfort. Me? I happen to be a man who is wholly fascinated (and turned on) by women's sexuality. But imagine many, perhaps most women would enjoy these scenes, or many of them, anyway, because they are so respectful of the actors and full of genuine emotion and eroticism. Indeed, I look forward to introducing them to my wife - who is not inexperienced in the ways of lesbian love.