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Dylan Taylor 

By: Dylan Taylor
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If there's one constant theme running through the exclusive illustrated content found on Legio Comix, it's that the big-boobed, muscular toon babes get really wet when they orgasm. You can see them masturbate, take part in lesbian action and threesomes, and suck off and fuck well-hung characters. There are quite a few shemales here as well. Many of the babes are drawn with huge grins on their faces, so they always look to be having a grand old time, as I'm sure you will be when you take a look at the material.

The artwork on LegioComix is beautiful and most of the images are high-res and look great. The content is separated into a gallery section and a comics section. The "gallery" offers two image sets, one with stand-alone pinup-style images and the other one houses a pencil-drawn image. 
The comics area consists of nine graphic novels with about five frames of the story per page. Each image file is displayed full-size on a page with a set-specific navigation menu at the top and the bottom. There is also a slideshow option, but no way to save all the content in a Zip file.

The content isn't dated, but you can discern an update schedule from the looking at the blog. The site may update a couple of times a week and other times you'll have to wait a week for an update. Sometimes the new material just continues a story that has already begun or adds new stand-alone drawings to an existing set. There are no videos and it doesn't look like any are on the way.

The membership fee isn't expensive and you get access to video and picture feeds, stories and games. Unfortunately, unless you're into a variety of live-action hardcore along with your toon needs, you'll be disappointed to find out that the Flash games are the only animated or illustrated extras you get.

The action on Legio Comix is hot, beautifully drawn and delivers not only in picture quality, but also in horny, wet, illustrated babes. If the bonuses put it over the top for you, then great. Otherwise, I'd suggest waiting until the updates turn this into a really hot site.

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