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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
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I remember back in the day when we were all just starting to get our first taste of pussy and my friends and I would exchange stories about what our chicks would do with us in bed. My buddy Jason had the best one about how his gal would suck him off and then when he'd blow in her mouth, she'd tilt her head back and gargle his splooge. Why doesn't my gal do that for me, I thought. Probably because she never saw the website Gargling to help her along.

It's one thing to have a chick who knows how to make you spunk and it's another to get one that doesn't mind you jazzing off in her mouth, but to find one who'll take the time to run your cum along her tonsils is a true prize. Since not all of us have enjoyed this prize, it's all the more reason to appreciate a site like Gargling.

What most visitors might not appreciate, however, is the fact that there are only eight movies paying testament to the art of the old sperm rinse. They can be downloaded in a poor-quality Windows Media format or a good to great-quality AVI file.

They tend to run about 12 minutes each and feature a babe orally mining the skin-shaft for its precious plunder. Once she gets there, well, you don't always get the gargling because, in some cases, it just escapes right down the hatch.

Another point that might not be appreciated is the fact that this site only has vid caps. It's pretty safe to assume that with all the cum-focused sites out there, the sight of a mouthful of sperm is considered a very appealing one.

The homepage claims to offer members access to an "insane amount of porno," yet if you click the link all you get is a re-direction to the homepage. Another thing you need to know is that these babes aren't gargling any longer as there have been no more content added. I don't know whether or not their dentists care, but you probably will. 

Gargling is an art form and this site clearly does not understand this. What we could have had here is a site with potential, but instead what we get is an over-priced site that has discontinued updates and, moreover, offers the bare minimum.

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