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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Calling all ass fans! I have three things to say to you: hot chicks, Brazil and anal sex! If you are still here and haven't gone to sign up yet, let me tell you a little more about Taste Of Brazilian Ass.

If you're like me and consider yourself to be an ass aficionado, you are always excited when you see Brazil in the name of any site. Because as we all know, some of the best butts in the world are located at the home of the Carnival. Whether you prefer dark skin or a lighter tan, small and firm or big and round, Brazil provides some great booty babes. TasteOfBrazilianAss is no exception.

You'll be sent to the Monsters Members Area as soon as you sign in, but you can find this site's collection just by selecting its sitename from a drop down member or clicking on its image down below. After you do, you'll find 15 episodes. That's not a lot and they haven't added anything in the last seven months.

There is no pretence to these scenes. The chitchat and the setup are ditched soon and these couples just start fucking. Each scene is one-on-one and features real Brazilian babes. Most of them even talk and moan in Portuguese. Scenes progress from oral and quickly move to vaginal and of course anal sex. Best of all, these babes are pros. They don't whine or complain. Instead, they just suck cock and take it up their ass like champs.

One dirty broad gets real hardcore and alternates riding the cock with sucking it, even slapping the shaft around a bit. The movies can be streamed in Flash or downloaded in good-looking MPEG files. A portable format for your phone or iPod is also available.

Except for one scene that only has vid caps, they all come with fairly crisp photos. The images in the 14 photo sets might not be high-res, but they still show the action nicely. Still, for the price they are asking this amount of content probably wouldn't be worth it, no matter how big of an ass fan you are.

However, I haven't told you about the bonus content yet. Go back to the main page and you'll see screencaps of 139 sites. All of these are included in your membership so you'll end up with something like 52,000 bonus scenes. Some of them also focus on delicious asses. However, considering Taste Of Brazilian Ass has remained stagnant for the past seven months in spite of the design revamp, you might not find the bonuses make up for the lack of main content.

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