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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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The Catholic Church has been plagued with sex abuse scandals over the years and with men like Priest Damian around, that isn't likely to change any time soon. You see, Damian makes cuties get down on their knees for him and it isn't because he wants them to pray.

There are presently 25 movies on the PriestDamian website and in each one we find our hero getting a hot chick dressed like a student to blow and fuck him. The scenes feature little storylines that inevitably lead to the babes getting squirted with Damian's own brand of holy water. All the dialogue is in Spanish, but if you no habla Espagnol, you needn't worry because English subtitles are provided to aide in your comprehension of the plots.

Speaking of the dialogue, I feel that I should note that in several scenes the babes have their voices dubbed over by a man trying to sound like a chick. Lord knows why, but rest assured that when they get to moaning, you'll be hearing their voices and not some dude's.

With his ghastly teeth, portly physique and hairy body, Damian ain't pretty to look at, but he is fun to watch. To see him in action, just take a look at the vids on his site. They can be streamed in Flash or downloaded in multiple formats. The best-quality movies are offered as high-def Windows Media files that you can either save as clips or full-length films.

In addition to a video, each episode comes with a set of vid caps. There are some actual photos to be seen on the site as well, but sadly there are only five photo galleries in all. On the bright side, though, you can save the entire galleries as Zip sets and they're pretty crisp.

Obviously, there isn't a whole lot of material on Damian's website and, to make matters worse, there has only been one update in the last three months. And based on the dates of those upcoming, they look to be updating every month or so.

While they wait for new material, members are invited to check out 32 other websites from the Torbe Network, including Torbe Couples, Torbe CZ and Torbe Homemade. You also get access to some DVDs and a selection of material from about 20 other sites.

Priest Damian doesn't offer enough much content on its own, but all the extras make the site worth considering. If you're interested in more than just Damian's misadventures, you might want to consider signing up. The mix of amateur hardcore and scripted cock sucking and fucking scenes is pretty good.

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