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Dylan Taylor 

By: Dylan Taylor
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According to the tour page, Princess 8teen is actually Caroline Swartz, a high school student who just turned 18 and this is her very first time posing in front of the camera. But wait, there's another little welcome note that says her name is Laura Walland. Well, whoever she is, she claims that she's still a virgin. Whether or not that's the case in reality is something I really can't tell, but she definitely looks tight enough to be.

Princess8teen also makes the bold claim that it's "rated as the best teen site on the net," which is a claim about as broad as saying you're the best corn farmer in Iowa or the best cab driver in New York City. Does that claim hold water? Well, the site's star is definitely up there among the top of the petite nubile set, but what about the site itself?

For starters, there are only three videos which show Caroline taking a shower by herself, pole dancing in her closet and playing around on her bed with a friend. These are spread out over 18 clips, which run about a minute each and are presented individually. Sometimes they're part of separate updates (it takes her over a month to take a shower).

By contrast, there are 30 picture sets, each containing about 50 shots that you can view online or download as Zip files. In these, Caroline gets naked and teases the camera with her little body, tight pussy and small, perky boobs and she does things like talk on the phone, re-arrange her bookshelf and have her friend over for a more than a friendly visit. There's even a set where she gets caught on the toilet.

The videos are available as HD Windows Media files and "medium-quality" versions. The photos are available as high-resolution shots as well as smaller ones. The site is updating about twice a week, so hopefully the amount of content and especially the number of videos will increase.

So, is it the best on the net? Objectively, no, the numbers just don't justify the claim. Subjectively, well, Princess 8teen herself is quite the cutie. Still, there's just not enough content here to justify the asking price.

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