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Updated on: 04/13/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Since we last visited ZoeZane...

  • There are 30 more videos and 100 more photo sets, but updates ended back in 2013.
  • A minor redesign saw the shuffling around of some links and the removal of others, but the site still doesn't look very current and the video section consists of mostly text links without any thumbnails.

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When it comes to sexual experience, Zoe Zane has it in spades. She's a mature pornstar with a very healthy sex drive, regardless of whether she's surrounded by men or women or whether she's all by herself. She also likes to break with convention. How many older ladies do you know who get their kicks from farting on cakes or pissing into a cup on camera?

ZoeZane is quite well known for her antics and has even been interviewed on "The Howard Stern Show" (where she once again farted on a cake). Sure, she has personality and has become something of a celebrity, not to mention the fact that she's one sexy dame, but all that shouldn't distract from the fact that this is still a paysite, one that needs to stand out on its own merits, regardless of the over-the-top personality of its star.

Well, for starters, there are 320 movies and 582 picture sets, so there's no shortage of content. That's good to know considering that she hasn't added a new video since December 2013. And after checking out the photo archive, it seems as if she hasn't added any new photos since November 2013. At any rate, it would take you a while to get through what she's already got.

The videos feature Zoe masturbating on a beach, sucking cock, sitting on a guy's face, taking a facial, fucking a bunch of guys at the same time, pissing, farting and fooling around with a gal pal. The scenes are shot in an amateur style and you get the impression that these are the people she would be fucking anyway.

Although there's been a minor redesign since our last visit (mostly just reorganizing some links and removing others), it's still really old school. The video section is a lot of text links punctuated by the occasional thumbnail. At first I thought the movies were posted in chronological order, but it looks like they're now split under headings like "toy vid clips," "flashing vid clips" and "Zoe Zane cake farts."

I was hoping that at least the ones that were added during 2013 might be better in quality than what we saw back in 2012 and I was not disappointed in the end, because the most recent videos have good-quality playback. The older ones are often average or below average in quality, with only a few better-quality exceptions.

The pic sets look nice, too, but don't come with high-res images and can't be downloaded in Zip files. You'll find the latest gallery in the "weekly update" section and the rest of the photo collection is in "my past archives" and divided by month. The photos stretch back all the way to 2003 (as do the vids), but these are much better organized.

Also take note that Zoe has an archive of cam shows that she's done, but these aren't really part of her site, because they're housed on a popular third-party cam site. Still, for those interested, the flicks can only be streamed and some can be quite short as you're really just getting samples and clips.

There are no bonus sites, but there's a lot to see. Even if she isn't adding new content these days, Zoe still posts regularly on her blog and provides us with some naughty literature and artwork. She also seems to still be performing in live cam shows, although beyond a free public show, you'll have to pay to go private.

In the end, this site doesn't completely live up to its potential and it would definitely be nice if she would improve the design. Still, Zoe Zane is a mature babe with a wild side and her site is sure to put a smile on your face.

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  • Comment by: Kanguru

    Score: 50% Date: 09/21/2013

    I've been a fan of Zoe Zane since the very early 00s back when she was modeling in pic sets and shooting vids with Kitty Foxx. After finally joining her site in 2013, I wish I hadn't. I have no idea if she does this all herself or not, but she really needs to get a better designer. I paid $30 for something that looks like a Geocities site from 1998.

    Content wise, vids are all over the place in quality with alot of them being nearly unwatchable or uninteresting due to how they were shot. I downloaded her entire backlog of vids within 1 hour. For comparison, most paid sites take me the entire monthly membership to get even a fraction of the site. Considering these sites cost the same, it's fair to compare content to content.

    There are some good vids here though that are shot decently and have good hardcore or niche action. However, these few videos are not worth the fee. If her site was $14.95 I'd deal, but handing over nearly $30 for this is a stretch.

    If you're a fan of Zoe, stick to her pic sets or vids on other sites (even if they are scarce). Her official page feels like a waste of money, even for a big fan of hers like myself.

    If she had HD content, better editing, and better site navigation, I'd totally suggest it. Zoe is hot stuff if you like really mature women. She just need to improve what she gives paying customers in this day and age.

  • Comment by: Zie Zabe

    Score: 62% Date: 02/20/2012

    Live cam shows moved to Live cam shows were once broadcast off of or are no longer on the Net.

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