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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Some people go to the beach to soak in the sun or bathe in the waves, but not Rafian. No, he goes to the seashore for no other reason than to catch naked people hanging out and couples having sex. And, of course, he films it all.

Rafian has shot countless hours of video during his expeditions to the beach and he's edited some of his better material together to make over 50 feature-length DVDs. Scenes from many of these DVDs are what make up the main content on his website.

The DVDs come from a few series he's shot and they all feature people being unknowingly filmed outdoors. Whether the vids depict authentic voyeur action or not is unclear, but even if the sex is staged, the cameraman and the lovers do a good job of making everything feel genuine.

While he is good at filming nude people at the beach, site design is obviously not this guy's forte, but it does the job and the footprints along the sides go with the beach theme. There are six main sections (four for videos and one for photos) and within each section the vids are divided up into clips. He also clearly explains what each section contains.

There are around 210 scenes. Some have as little as two clips and others have as many as 40 and although the majority have average-quality bit rates, some of them look quite good. Unfortunately, there's no full-length download option. Some also come with vids caps and the photo section contains 15 high-res galleries that you can save in Zip files.

If you're interested in procuring the full-length DVDs, you can do so by ordering them from the site. You can get them in DVD form or as big MPEG files, but either way you'll have to pay extra to own them. Asking members to drop cash on an actual DVD is one thing, but asking them to shell out more money for full-length downloads just isn't cool.

Updates currently come every five days, but they consist of a single clip. Given that they aren't full scenes, you can expect it to take a while before the overall amount of content grows significantly. There aren't any bonuses.

With lots of content and some good-looking stuff at that, the Rafian website definitely has a few things going for it. If you're a big fan of amateur lovemaking and beach voyeurism, you might enjoy the site despite its shortcomings.

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