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This site can now only be accessed through Ron Harris.

Back in the early '80s, American director and erotic photographer Ron Harris created a series of aerobics-based video releases that became a huge success. Following their release, the videos went on to garner 24 million dollars in worldwide sales. If you missed out on the vids back then, then the Aerobicise website will give you another chance to check them out.

In Ron's own words, Aerobicise is "erotic poetry in motion." It might sound like a flowery way of describing the content, but it's actually quite accurate. Despite what you might initially think, these are far more than just aerobics videos. In fact, they almost come across as modern dance performances.

The different vids feature flexible babes in leotards who go through brilliantly choreographed routines in a brightly lit, all-white room. The exercising is captured on camera from just about every angle imaginable and it's all performed to the sounds of a decidedly '80s soundtrack. Music and makeup aside, the videos don't feel very dated at all, which is somewhat surprising.

Things haven't changed much since our last visit to this site. There are 10 movies in total and each one is offered in four different formats, like Flash, Windows Media, QuickTime and an iPod/iPhone- compatible file. The Windows Media and QuickTime movies come in excellent-quality files, while the iPod/iPhone will certainly serve your needs if you decide to take them on the go.

There aren't any photo sets or extras. As you would expect considering it's all retro stuff from the '80s, the site isn't updating, so what you see there now is all you're going to get. Hey, you can always use them as workout guides.

I'm not sure that the Aerobicise videos helped anyone get in shape back in the '80s, but I'm certain that they inspired many workouts in the nether regions. Whether you're an old fan of the series or just curious about it, you may as well check this site out. Also, masturbating to these vids sure beats playing with yourself to Richard Simmons' "Sweatin' to the Oldies."

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