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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
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When it comes to humiliation in sexual play, men and women tend to crave different acts based on cultural stereotypes. Most women would just get pissed off and jealous at the thought of their husbands fucking other women in front of them. Conversely, male submissives tend to really enjoy this. The lady who takes sadistic pleasure in making her man squirm in this way is usually referred to as a Cuckold Mistress.

The CuckoldMistress on this site happens to be married to her pathetic little man - or so we're told on the signup page. This is supposed to be a reality-based, amateur Femdom experience and there's nothing to really make me believe otherwise, except for general porn skepticism.

There are many consistencies throughout that add to the sense of this being the real thing. For instance, you'll very frequently see the same players (the wife, her husband, her other male lover and another female), as well as the same settings, like their living room.

There are about 243 movies of cuckolding fantasies and they appear to be posting new ones on a weekly basis. Each episode has a short synopsis and a thumbnail. Most scenes are in their full length, but longer ones tend to get broken up into two to three parts. The only photo gallery contains 30 video captures.

What I really liked was that instead of many thumbnails, the same one kept changing its picture, showing you a little more of what you're going to see. The older videos can be downloaded in good to great-quality Windows Media files, while the newer ones are all in HD.

The shoots are definitely amateur. In a couple of the vids I watched, the "hot wife" and her cuck cracked smiles and even laughed a little. Also, she keeps telling her husband how small and unsatisfying his dick is, but her other male lover's isn't much bigger.

You'll see the husband take some beatings, eat cum out of his wife's pussy (his own spunk or the other man's), behave like the dog he is, get teased and denied, and even get a facial from the other guy. There's also some interracial sex and plenty of pegging going on.

Your membership doesn't come with any extras. However, assuming they keep updating at least once a week like they promise, then Cuckold Mistress remains a decent foray into the world of an amateur real-life cuckoldress.

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  • Comment by: Chas

    Score: 88% Date: 04/05/2012

    I have watched several videos of the Cuckhold Mistress,i have never sucked a cock but with her i think i could. She just has that way about her.I would love to suck my spew off of her ass or pussy,if she would allow me to masturbate.Thanks for all the videos and keep your guy lapping up his own cum....

  • Comment by: Pat F

    Score: 65% Date: 01/22/2011

    This site is a little too heavy on the gay stuff, the husband is often sucking her "boyfriends'" cocks. Also, the woman is sexy but needs to get a make-over, wear some makeup, etc.

    This site has potential if they'd pretty up the woman and knock off the gay cock sucking.

  • Comment by: Mark

    Score: 96% Date: 07/13/2010

    This is the best cuckolding content I've seen because it is just so real and she is so mean to her husband, and unlike other sites it is her real husband not a actor, the two of them are in every scene and the only thing that changes is the other guy that comes and fucks her while the husband has to watch.
    I highly recommend this website to anyone who enjoys cuckold, strap-on, forced-bi, whipping, male chastity, femdom and humiliation. It has tons of sexy videos and they just keep coming.
    The only thing it doesn't have a lot of is hi-def pictures but that is fine with me since I would much rather watch a video.

  • Comment by: shawn

    Score: 80% Date: 03/25/2010

    Was a member of this site for a while and enjoyed it. I cannot get into any of those pro cuckold sites. So lame. This I loved. Not a ton of content but great femdom cuck action. And yeah, they sometimes start laughing, which is cute and real. One scene where she is feeding him his cum, they both about lose it. Love these guys and this sight. True insight into cuckolding.