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By: Rabbit
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This site is scored on its photo content—not videos!

One of the things I love about my job is that I get to see some spectacularly beautiful women. Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule, but I'm generally pleased with most of the subject matter that I'm faced with. My Precious Virgins is one of those sites that made me quite glad to have this job.

This is the site that I chose to review first thing Monday morning and it was probably a good choice. However, one of the things that I didn't need to do was login three times to the site. They really make you jump through hoops just to look at naked chicks, but once you're in you'll be glad you took the time. MyPreciousVirgins is a nice-looking site that has photo updates at least every couple of days.

There are about 49 hardcore videos on the site right now. It seems like it has been a couple of months since new videos were added, though, so it's hard to say when they'll be adding more. The videos last about five minutes each and feature hardcore sex involving some very cute nubile babes.

You can download the vids in several clips that give you Full HD Windows Media and QuickTime files or in lower-quality PSP versions. There are DivX-encoded and iPod versions listed, but they are either currently unavailable or have not yet been uploaded.

At this point, there are 447 models, each with their own bundle of photographs. Some have just one set, while others have a few, so currently there are 2,853 picture galleries in total. The chicks on this site are really gorgeous and their picture sets are presented in high-res quality. You can download each set in a convenient Zip file. Because the pics are so large, you'll find that the Zip files can be upwards of about 400MB.

There aren't any bonus sites included with your membership and the lack of much video updating is also disappointing. However, this is really a photo site and the quality is amazing at least, with lots of high-res photos, the chicks are cuter than a basketful of kittens and the majority of the content is exclusive, which are all pluses.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: MIC83

    Score: 10% Date: 03/15/2011

    All zip are corrupted on different computers......Girls are nice , not enough updates.Very slow. Webmasters have to do something.........

  • Comment by: DRD

    Score: 30% Date: 05/04/2010

    S-l-o-w-e-s-t site on the internet, but spectacularly beautiful girls. Not a bad price for the quality, if you have the patience to wait, and wait, and wait. I had dial-up for years, this was WORSE.
    Daily updates? Today is May 4, last update to site was on March 11.
    The bank froze my credit card when the charge from their default credit card hit. Took a phone call to fix it.
    Did I say the site was slow?

  • Comment by: Morgan Le Fay

    Score: 25% Date: 04/04/2010

    What a waste of money and time. Sure, some nice girls, but it takes ages to wade through the ill organized and almost-repetitive photographs, and the girls have no videos assosiated with them.
    The "hard-core" movies are perhaps 50% rather nice soft core / nudity / stripping and 50% more or less hard core (I did not count).
    And the videos -- I downloaded about 8 movies, and 4 of them did not show the one I clicked on; instead they all showed the identical clip of a different girl. Some other movies are just bad links, leading nowhere.
    There is no site help, no "howto" and no hint on how to cancel. Billing is through SegPay, not CCBill as stated above.

  • Comment by: rusty shackelford

    Score: 20% Date: 02/17/2010

    Total waste of time / money. Did the $3 trial to check it out, turns out you can only watch the first 2 scenes of each movie, roughly 10 scenes per movie so you do the math. Waste. of. time.

  • Comment by: Fenway

    Score: 3% Date: 01/05/2010

    I have no positive comments about this website. If pressed, I might say that the models are very attractive -but since most of them can be found on other websites that is not much of a selling point.

    The negatives are many. 1.)The two resolutions of photos online are "medium" (500 resolution) or large (4000 resolution) - neither of which are a decent size for online viewing- which is rather a must-have since 2.)the zip files are all invalid upon download. 3.) There is no alphabetical photo index of the models. There is a 7 page directory of model photos by date added - which is useless - OR an alphabetical directory of model hyperlinks WITHOUT photos. Good luck trying to hunt down a model. The organization of the videos are equally as haphazard. They are just displayed one above another in no specific model order. 4.)While a typical set of photos might be 100 pictures, many are shot of the same pose from the same angle and distance - so similar as to look like duplicates or consecutive still frames from a movie. There might be 10-20 original poses in some sets with the rest of the photos made up of the repetitive clones. 5.) More than a few sets are non-nude or merely teasing. 6. Many of the videos are in multiple parts instead of a single file. 7.) There is no site support. My email to the webmaster concerning the non-functioning zip files was returned as undeliverable.

    As I mentioned, many of the models are available on other sites so there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON for you to give this disappointing web site your money - especially when there are great sites like Met-Art, Hegre and Nubiles for this kind of content.

  • Comment by: Zip Files Invalid or Corrupt

    Score: 10% Date: 11/25/2009

    High res photos, beautiful euro models but the zip files didn't work. I've never had this problem at umpteen other sites. When I tried to extract them, I got error messages. Movies downloaded. Other cons: most of the soft photo sets are very tame like the barely-nude tease sites, met-art or femjoy is more explicit - the best photos were in the preview (of course). You have to log in 3 times (no kidding) and there's no link, no F&Q for tech support if you have problems (like the zip files). You're on your own. I'd give the site a zero score but if you are willing to go through some hoops and figure out the zip file glitch it may rate a 20.

  • Comment by: Good, but time-consuming

    Score: 85% Date: 05/04/2009

    The high picture quality is actually a drawback, as some of the zipfiles are over 650MB - for one gallery!!! That's ridiculous. You can view individual pictures in low res, but these are much too small - besides, there are no options for the zipfiles - they are all big. Many of the best photo sites have zips in multiple resolutions - My Precious Virgins ought to follow suit.
    There are some stunning girls here, but be prepared to spend a lot of time, even on fast broadband, waiting for the downloads.