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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Hot Barebacking is a site that is about more than just unprotected raw sex. Don't get me wrong, the bare back fucks are red-hot, but I like that the models have a variety of looks. They all have a masculine appeal, though. Sure, some are fresh-faced, hairless slim guys, but loads are beefy with hairy chests. There are also athletic guys, both smooth and lightly dusted with body hair. Plus, there's a range of ages, with both mature and less-experienced performers.

HotBarebacking has 479 videos and they can be streamed in an embedded Flash player or downloaded in Windows Media files. They mostly give you good-quality playback, but some are in HD and others are only average in quality. The scenes last around 15 to 20 minutes. They come from DVDs that you can buy directly from the site and some are edited down to highlight only their hottest parts - 80 of them have gangbangs as their main theme.

I was really into these scenes, because for me bare backing is the ultimate fantasy sex act to watch. These shoots go places you might not go in real life, depending on how adventurous you are. I, for one, have never been gangbanged by a group of leather-clad men or been one of the gangbangers in a studded harness. I also love the abundance of hotties with piercings and tattoos.

There are photos scattered throughout the site. Some are listed below the videos, so be sure to look for them. If you browse the performers' section, you'll find that some of the guys have pics. I'd say that there are about 700 photo sets, but there are only a few pics in each. Some of the movies also come with vid caps. There's no real rhyme or reason to how it works, which is bound to annoy photo fans. Plus, there aren't any Zip files.

Updates come once every two weeks. You have access to live cam shows, archived shows and a number of video feeds that show more latex-free fucking. These extras definitely give you lots of material to keep busy with between updates. Hot Barebacking is disappointing in some ways, but it does offer hardcore content that's hot and raw.


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