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By: Chris Parker
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When I saw that I was assigned the Fellatihoes review, I had a smile on my face. Both A.K Anderson and I got a kick out of the site's name and being the fan of BJs that I am, I was excited to see what it had to offer. As I explored it though, I found that my excitement began to wane.

The problems started with the website's tour page. According to what's written there, Fellatihoes is supposed to be a point-of-view blowjob site, but after viewing a few of their videos, I can say that that isn't quite the case. You see, the idea behind the POV shooting style is you're supposed to see what you would be seeing if you were the guy in the scene, but not all of the camera angles employed in the different vids do a good job of promoting that fantasy. There is plenty of dick sucking on display though, so at least they got that right.

Another thing about the tour page that bothered me was that it promises "high-rez pictures and videos," but the site doesn't quite deliver. While I had no trouble locating the flicks, the pics were nowhere to be found. I was disappointed by that fact, but I hoped the movies would make up for it. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

There are currently 43 vids and sadly they're only of mediocre-quality. Although their bitrates weren't great, I did like that the movies had decent running-lengths, as many of them are over 30 minutes long. If you so choose, you can either stream the videos directly on the site or download them to your computer as Windows Media files.   

While the main content didn't thrill me, I did like all the bonuses that come with a membership. Joining this website gives one access to a few bonus sites including ones like Anal Rookies, Brianna Devil, Climax Models, Lesby Friends, Nikky Cassidy, Nips And Clits, Preggolicious and Russian Sex Dolls. Members also get some extra videos that serve primarily to promote other website, links to cam sites and videos on demand, which will cost you more to watch.

Fellatihoes may please some hardcore blowjob enthusiasts, butconsidering that the videos there are only mediocre-looking at best, most people would be better off going elsewhere to get their fill of cocksucking cuties. The fact that the website hasn't updated in quite some time doesn't help matters either.

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