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Melissa Koznuk 

By: Melissa Koznuk
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With Real Spanking Pass, you get to experience eight spanking sites for one price. The network gives you exclusive pictures and videos of spanking and corporal punishment from real discipline sessions. Some mega-sites will combine all of the material for you in a user-friendly site and others will just offer links to the separate sites. This site falls into the latter category.

On RealSpankingPass you can check out specific chicks who like to get their bottoms bruised, like on Spanking Teen Jessica, Spanking Bailey and Spanking Teen Brandi, or you can browse sites that showcase a bunch of babes getting spanked, like on Real Spankings, which is all about the hottest models and the hardest spankings in a wide selection of videos in different categories, like cheerleaders, teens and bondage.

There's also Bi Spanking, which stars women who love to be both spanked and tied up tight. The butt thrashing is done by both women and men. There's also some over-the-knee goodess with OTK Spankings and good, hard strappings on Real Strappings. I really like how they've set up Real Spankings Institute with different rooms, like the coach's office, library, detention room and dean's office. It gives you distinct themes, which is cool.

I dove into each of the sites and when I surfaced I had counted about 4,300 movies and approximately 4,350 galleries. I must admit that the navigation on some of the sites could be improved upon and the design can look dated on many of them. Still, there's a ton of content and it all has a real amateur feel, which will delight many spanking fans. Some of the flicks are split into parts and others are offered in their full length.

The videos often come in several formats and you'll find that they vary in quality. Some are pretty mediocre, while others offer good-quality playback. Though the quality varies, the hardcore discipline does not. These aren't light taps. These are ass-bruising punishments that true fans will appreciate. Some sites offer RealPlayer files and MP4s, but some only give you RealPlayer. You'll also find some high-res pics.

While the mega-site is very bare-bones, some of the individual sites allow you to rate their content and add it to a favorites section. One thing I wasn't too fond of is that every time I went back to the mega-site's homepage to pick another site to browse, I had to login again.

It's tough to discern an update schedule since you have to go into each site to see how often they're updating. I initially thought with the dated design that I couldn't count on new updates, but I was wrong. Many have current dates on them and it looks like you can expect about 20 updates a month across the sites. OTK Spankings and Spanking Bailey are the slowest to update of the bunch.

While I thoroughly enjoyed Real Spanking Pass and its content, the membership is totally overpriced and even though you're getting a lot of material, it still feels like you're not getting enough bang for your buck. The fact that you have to contend with a download limit as well doesn't help matters.

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