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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Nude Male Dancers is an interesting concept. You don't have to head down to a seedy strip joint to see naked men dancing. Instead, you can login to this site and see live or recorded feeds throughout most of the day. The footage comes from Stock Bar in Montreal, Canada, and unlike some places in North America, there is no problem with full-on nudity. The performers even do shower shows and simulated sex right on stage.

NudeMaleDancers has changed in that the archived content is no longer offered. You're left with a view of the front of the venue as well as a backroom cam showing the performers masturbating to get themselves ready to appear on stage.

Actually, it's a bit surreal, because when there isn't an onstage performance, you'll see them focusing on someone cute in the audience (turns out later that he's a dancer on break between performances), or the DJ or the lighting people or sometimes street views of Montreal's gay village. I've only been to one gay strip bar and it happened to be while hanging out with friends who are Montrealers at the Stock Bar years ago. I must say that the inside and outside of this venue has improved.

Another change since our last visit is that the streaming-only feedshave improved quite a lot. When they're just panning around the club, the lighting and focus isn't ideal, but when they get back to showing what's going down on stage, the footage looks good, although the jerk-off room can be a bit blurry and I saw one performer who figured out that if he put his jeans on the back of the chair it blocked our view of his cock.

Actually, if he's hard, I can see the tip and I know the jock in question is well endowed. Man, the camera angle just changed and I see that fat bad boy in all its erect glory and I wish I was there to fluff him. It's more than a mouthful and I love that unlike those strippers I saw way back when, this guy has some chest hair and a bit of a beard. He also has glasses, so he looks smart as well as sexy.

Now he's up front performing for the audience. He had some stretchy boxer briefs, but he showed off his big dick straightaway by pulling them down and then they were off soon enough. Up in Montreal, they can show you a hard erection. I like this guy, because he doesn't need a cock ring and his large rod is proportionate to his muscular thighs. He prances more than dances, showing off that monster manhood and stroking it a bit before walking offstage.

The guy after him seems to really have to stroke himself hard and he uses a condom with the middle poked out as a cock ring, but whatever performance anxiety he may have, his face is as beautiful as his rock-hard abs. He looks Latino and has thick, curly dark hair that I'd love to run my fingers through while he blows me. He pulls down his European underwear onstage and strokes his swollen member and gyrates against the stripper pole. His pelvic thrusts make me want to bust my nut.

Those are a couple of examples of what you'll see, but there's also a chat to talk to fellow members who are watching. Unfortunately, there's no way to talk to the performers. Live broadcasts are from 9 PM to 2 AM, because even if Montreal isn't a city that never sleeps, at least it doesn't go to bed too early. Otherwise, you can check out recorded feeds of the previous night's performances.

They've also added another incentive for you to join, because you now get access to 12 of the 13 other sites offered through their mega-site Next Door World, like Next Door Buddies, Next Door Twink, Cody Cummings, Trystan Bull and Rod Daily. They bring some hardcore gay and bi sex into the mix. Even without taking them into consideration, Nude Male Dancers is a great way to ogle male strippers (and their full-on boners) without leaving home.

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