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We have a very international flavor here at the office. There's a gal from France and another from Germany. We have a Dutchman, a Lithuanian, a Greek and even someone who's Basque. As you can see, different parts of Europe are represented, so it's no small wonder that there were a lot of emotions running high during the last Euro Cup. In the end, it was all good fun, but nowhere near as much fun as it would have been if we were watching the Sex Euro Cup.

You see, while the Euro Cup is all about competition and national pride, the SexEuroCup is all about nudity and nice tits. See the difference? It's kind of great, isn't it? What you'll find here are some chicks representing their countries in painted-on team uniforms. While you get the idea of where they're from, it still doesn't interfere with being able to see their tits, asses and pussies though the paint. You'll get to see them posing with soccer balls (or footballs) and, if you're lucky, they might do some dribbling drills.

In all, 16 countries are represented, so that means you get 16 videos and 16 sets of pictures. The videos only last a few minutes, but they are downloadable as stellar-quality Windows Mediafiles and stellar-quality QuickTime files. As for the pics, there are about 60 per set and they are all beautiful and high-res. There aren't any Zip files and there isn't a slideshow either.

What's cool is that they have an actual schedule posted for the 2008 Euro Cup, so they must have put it up in time for the matches to be played. It's quite handy to have a schedule for watching soccer that allows you to look at naked chicks while waiting for the next match. The only drawback is that now that the Euro is over, they have discontinued the updates.

There aren't any bonuses other than a few extra picture sets and some behind-the-scenes videos, but the price is very low and probably worthwhile for those who want to see something a little bit different.Sex Euro Cup probably won't add any more content, so be aware of that, but what they do have is of very high in quality and a lot of fun to look at.

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