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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
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This site is scored on its photo content—not videos!

Most men would explode in anger if they found their wives fucking other men. However, some would get an instant hard-on at the mere mention of their partner getting pleasured by someone else. Tell them they can watch and they'll cum in their pants! These guys are called cuckolds and Cuckold Captions is a site where they can get more of the humiliation they crave.

There are videos on CuckoldCaptions, but the main content is captions, which means you'll be doing more reading than actual watching. Unfortunately, the design and navigation for the older content is an issue. You see, they still seem to be in the process of moving to WordPress, so since not everything is moved yet, the old material is still located on the ugly, text-link-only site. When everything is moved over things will be much better. The WordPress site is basically a blog setup, but at least there are tags and thumbnails, which is more than we get with the old look.

After going through all the sections, I managed to count about 2,475 caption sets. The majority of captions are standalone images, but others combine to tell stories as you scroll through a few pages of pics. If you want something a little more intimate, you can listen to audio clips of sexy female voices insulting your cock size and sexual abilities. Some of the images have high-res dimensions and some do not. There aren't any Zip files.

There are 63 videos that last about a minute each and you can download them as good-quality QuickTime and great-quality Windows Media files. The Mistresses talk to the camera, which gives the vids an intimate feel and allows for role-playing. You can get into character and imagine that you're about to watch your lover fuck a big-dicked stud. You might even get lucky and be given the honor of cleaning cum out of her holes - with your tongue, of course.

Now it's time to get out those reading glasses and peruse the caption sets! Eventually, I imagine you'll find a writer who turns you on more than the others, so being able to filter by author will come in handy. The pics consist of a babe alone in all manner of dress and undress or engaged in sex with one, two or more men, with or without her cuckold husband watching helplessly.

Extras include cuckold erotica and updates come every day. As for the membership fee, it's pretty cheap, but no other sites are included. If you'd like to gain access to Femdom Captions, Indecisive Captions and Sissy Captions, you can do so by paying more when you sign up. If you like cuckolding and the thought of using your imagination more than your vision doesn't turn you off, let Cuckold Captions turn you on!

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