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The only time I have a problem holding in my bladder is when I go drinking. Otherwise, I'm pretty damn good at waiting until I want to pop and it actually hurts a little coming out. I remember one time when I was little, I needed to go to the bathroom so badly that I just stood in a pond outside and let it flow! I was embarrassed, but it felt good to finally get relief. On HD Wetting, gals push their hold-it-in limits until they piss all over themselves.

HDWetting provides different scenarios for pissing-in-pants action, so they get points for creativity. However, it would've been nice if they had spent some time working on the navigation as well.

The design is nice and making your way through the different sections is simple. The part that really bugged me though is that there is no members' area. Instead, after finding a video you want to watch and clicking on it, you need to sign in and then you can stream and download it. To watch another video you have to go back to the tour and repeat the same process, except this time you don't need to login again.

This leads to lots of browser windows opening at the same time and it just isn't the best way to do things. Besides downloading the videos, there is also the option to purchase the photo sets and clips individually rather than paying for a membership.

Currently, there are 517 videos. Each has a small thumbnail previewing the scene as well as a short write-up of the action, which includes a game of pee poker called Hold It or Fold It, interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, some lesbian sets, a forced-to-pee bondage scene and just general not-making-it-to-the-bathroom-in-time accidents.

You can stream the vids in Flash and download them in Full HD Windows Media files and there is also a lower-quality MP4 option. It's a little disappointing that the videos are short, but those who want to get straight to the warm, golden river will appreciate what they get.

There are also about 60 photo sets and most of them contain high-res pics. They look really good and are quite large, giving you a nice close-up of those wet legs and jeans. The one unfortunate thing is that you can't download them in Zip files.

The site has an active forum and it's nice to see that people are using it and that they're interested in discussing all things relating to urine. There are no other extras, but it seems as though you can expect to get new pissing content once a week or more. HD Wetting provides peeing fun for the piss lover in you.

Number of Reviews: 185
Average Score: 65.1

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User Rating: 65/100 (total: 6 comments)
  • Comment by: Samoa - Score: 75/100 - Date: 2/13/2014
    Not a terrible site. At the end of my stay I don't feel like I wasted my money at all.

    Some great wetting scenes in public even one with no panties
    Also tasteful gold shower scenes

    NOT enough models
    No zipped photo sets
  • Comment by: Wetting Fan - Score: 90/100 - Date: 12/28/2013
    -Girls seem like real girls who enjoy the fetish, not porn stars who are obviously just doing it for money.
    -Insanely high quality videos.
    -New content added couple times a week.

    -HD versions of videos can take a while to download, but totally worth it.
    -Some of the videos aren't very long.
    -Some of the models not that hot, but they only are in a few videos. The site doesn't seem to be using those girls anymore.

    I wanted to reply to what liquid said in his rating. I'm not sure if he joined the same site I did. He said if you dig jeans/panty wetting the site has some of that- That is all the site has. Hundreds and hundreds of high definition wetting videos.

    He also said the site has no members area and you have to enter a user name and pass for each download, again, not when I used the site. You just click on the members login button and your in the members area. Only have to login once.

    He also said that in the lesbian videos the girls don't actually go down on each other- um, no. The lesbian videos I've seen you can clearly see the girls eating each other out or sticking their fingers in each other's pussies.

    Finally, in response to liquid's review, I've only seen a camera flash in a couple of the really old videos on the site. I have yet to see a pizza box, fireplace, or anything that looks like its just shot in some dude's apartment.

    I'm really not sure that liquid actually joined the same site I did. I joined HD Wetting and I thought it was fantastic!
  • Comment by: liquid - Score: 15/100 - Date: 4/2/2013
    What a terrible disappointment. I don't even know where to begin but here goes:
    -Chicks are hot in a natural, girl next door kinda way
    -if you dig jean/panty pissing and desperation, this site has some of that

    -Site quality is horrible. Username/password must be entered for each download. no members area
    -videos appear to be shot in some dudes run-down apartment. even saw an old pizza box on fireplace mantel. Shoddy dude
    -Peeing scenarios are hot in idea, in execution & acting they are terrible. i.e.-girl pretending to go down on other girl has her face about 4 ft from her crotch. Also-Caught/voyeur scene with constant camera flash going off. Worse than Cinemax faux porn.

    Overall: Can see more real action, better acting, hotter chicks almost anywhere else

    You have been warned. DO NOT PAY FOR THIS SITE.
  • Comment by: Kai - Score: 20/100 - Date: 11/16/2012
    Site has lots of content but the quality is very disappointing. They use the same 4-5 models over and over which wouldn't be a problem IF they were attractive. Sami is by far their most popular and even she is subpar compared to models on most other sites. There is no members area, literally what you see from visiting the site is how it looks. The acting isn't good which I am ok with, since I didn't buy it for the acting but overall it really feels like they don't even try with majority of the scenes.
  • Comment by: Daniel - Score: 90/100 - Date: 3/28/2010
    I love this site! \nPROS:
    -high-quality video
    -lots of variety, touching upon many different aspects of the fetish
    -TVGuy (guy who runs everything) is awesome about taking suggestions and feedback
    -most of the girls are really hot (sammy's my fave)
    -frequent updates and reasonable cost\nCONS:
    -a couple of the girls are not-so-hot (though they seem to only be in 1 or 2 vids)
    -a few of the earlier vids seem a little over-acted\nOver all, a very well put-together site!
  • Comment by: Princess Piss - Score: 100/100 - Date: 10/6/2008
    I love this site. It is one of my favorite ones out there. I love the videos and there girls are Hott. The membership fees are reasonable and they do upload atleast one video a week but often more. There are sets of pictures now which is nice as you could see the photo shoot videos before and then there were only a couple pictures from it. For a new site I love and and intend to see it grow.
$29.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days
$89.99/180 days
Cross Sales: No
Pic sets: 60+ Pics per set: 20 Zip sets: Yes
Pic Res: 1280x960 High Res: Yes
Number of movies: 517+ HD Porn: Yes Streaming: Yes
Average Length: 5 mins Full length videos: Yes Download Limits: No
Video Formats: MP4 (1920x1080; 6006k)
Other (streaming)
Preview members area
Independent Biller(s): Verotel
Customer Service:

Pros & Cons
pros -exclusive content
-high-def videos
-zipped photo sets
cons -no bonus sites
-can't save favorites
-poor navigation
Main Category: Peeing Porn
Updated on: 2/15/2014 02/15/2014- From 77 to 78: Can no longer leave comments, but more content and higher-quality videos. -Will
03/06/2013- From 82 to 77: Scores adjusted to new criteria. -A.K.
06/12/2011- Stays at 82. -Chris
10/19/2009- From 78 to 82: Design and amount improved. -Penelope
12/07/2008- From 74 to 78: Amount of content increased. -Pussycat
- Initial review: 9/24/2008
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