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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Ghetto-fabulous face-fucked hotties! Try saying that three times fast. Whether you can say it or not, Ghetto Gaggers is your chance to see mostly black babes being introduced to extreme blowjobs and face-fucking. This site is very intense and if you read our surfers' comments, you'll get an idea as to how hardcore these scenes really are.

Mostly amateur chicks are convinced to partake in hardcore face-fucks and the end result is a well-fucked throat, an equally fucked pussy (or asshole) and multiple loads of cum deposited onto their spit-drenched faces. I probably don't need to point it out, but it all makes for some good viewing. Just be prepared to see some chicks blowing chunks when the guys ram their cocks hard and far down their throats.

There are currently 447 movies and a new one gets added to the collection about once a week. They can all be streamed and downloaded in full-length versions and at this point most of them offer Full HD playback. However, some of the older ones don't have that option and are much lower in quality. You'll find Windows Media and MP4 files.

Most of the movies have a corresponding set of pictures, so expect to find 441 galleries. Their sizes vary, but each one contains fantastic-looking pics. We're talking photos that allow you to see every inch of these ebony babes before and after they start swallowing dick and getting nasty.

The website is part of the Ghetto Doorway network and you get access to some raunchy bonus sites, namely Black On Black Crime, Porn Addict, POV Hotel and Ebony Cum Dumps. The action is intense and they give you plenty to masturbate to while you wait for new porn.

Ghetto Gaggers gives you extreme blowjobs with amateur ebony chicks, so those who like both niches will be impressed. These ghetto babes learn the hard way that not only are they going to suck cock, but they're going to swallow it as well. The facial finales are just icing on the cake. Just take note that there's a 20GB download limit in place.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Ruby35

    Score: 1% Date: 11/27/2014

    I joined the site, but two days later my account was restricted. I wrote several emails to the (FIRST LINE-) SUPPORT to ask for the reasons, but only got the same answers:
    "I will need to forward the restriction to Second Line Support for review.
    Please allow them some time to look things over and be in contact."...

    There was NO answer from Second Line Support and now, my membership ran out... Obviously these guys are on holiday, spending the money from their "account restricted" members.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:11/28/2014): Hi, Ruby35. I sent you an email.

  • Comment by: Rick

    Score: 5% Date: 08/28/2014

    Sad site, and for a porn site that's saying a lot. What chicks for money.

  • Comment by: Blaakmaan

    Score: 80% Date: 03/16/2013

    RabbitsReviews completely missed the point of GhettoGaggers.


    The quality of the videos is very good, and there are a lot of them.

    If you're into this kinda action (WHITE MEN degrading and humiliating BLACK WOMEN), you'll be very pleased.


    A lot of the "action" on this site is just straight-up RACIST!
    The things they say to the women, the questions they ask them, and the things they call them are almost unbelievable.

    If I saw a woman I knew on this site, I'd disown her. It's that bad!

    It's hard enough to justify getting off on treating women like shit. But--especially if you are Black--the racist element of GhettoGaggers gives the action a racist edge that makes it almost impossible to enjoy.

    How RabbitsReviews missed this obvious element of the "action" is hard to understand.

    There are others who have previously expressed a sentiment similar to mine. Those people are quite grown, as I am (so please save all of that "grow the hell up" bullshit), and they are expressing righteous revulsion at the action on GhettoGaggers.

    Hell, even the name "GhettoGaggers" tells you basically all you need to know.

    I might suggest its sister site, "BlackonBlackCrime," where the action is similar but the racist and racial elements are not present.

  • Comment by: AK

    Score: 40% Date: 01/01/2013

    I went through ghetto gaggers vids and noticed a disturbing trend. the more the videos progressed from their early days the gayer it got. In the early vids you got more images of the females whole body from head to toe while getting fucked. In early vids during a d.p. scene you would get more vagina to head shots, more legs gapping moving back and forth between two males. Now all they do is give sinle angle shots of two dudes asses and dicks from the bottom with a sliver of a female in between, It could be another dude in there for all I know, you never get shots of the females upper body and facial expressions unless it's by accident. When they happen to accidentally get a shot of a chick on her back legs spread taking cock, The dude will do something stupid like cover her face in some faux smother. If the dudes at GG don't want to show a females whole body from head to toe while being fucked, especially in d.p. scenes because they don't want to show their faces they need to get a better director or different dudes. seeing more male body parts than female body parts especially in d.p. scenes make GG a sight for gay dudes. No offence to gay dudes.

  • Comment by: Jason

    Score: 92% Date: 12/05/2012

    I can highly recommend this website, very easy to get hard to the vids. the girls get treated like trash. A lot of abuse, facefucking, slapping. The girls' faces get destroyed without any mercy.

    Only con would be that some of the girls are pretty ugly.

  • Comment by: Name

    Score: 100% Date: 09/28/2012

    Love watching hood rats get roughed up!

  • Comment by: john

    Score: 50% Date: 09/09/2012

    I'm actually a member and this site sucks and please read not being biased.
    -Some High Quality
    -Only site of it's kind

    -Videos have no organization. Like you can't search for big boobs or big ass.
    -Fat ugly old guys fucking poor ugly fat and anorexic girls.
    -You have ten good videos with stars like Beauty Dior and the rest are not even watchable.
    -Daily updates my butt.
    -Horrible bonus sites like ebony cum dumps

    Trust me it's difficult to evens stay hard watching some old ex con slapping some 90 pound chick every two seconds or spitting and throwing powder over some fat chick. If your racist by all means this is your site but it took me 40 minutes just to find a decent looking girl.

  • Comment by: Ely1CambsUK

    Score: 75% Date: 04/28/2012

    Pro; Hardcore at it's finest but rough around the edges so not for the faint hearted! with a few hundred movies to download at different sizes.

    Con; very dear I found the membership fee with just a few other channels that come with that are Old ! and if want more you pay the full price again for the same kind of lay-out material but with different nationality's like Spanish or white American women..

    Overall; If you like it rough and don't mind being call a pervert by the camera crew and watching these women get there jaws smash then check this web site out and have plenty of tissue on stand by :D

    Score; (75) for it's hardcore contents

  • Comment by: question

    Score: 70% Date: 03/09/2012

    Does the 3 month membership include access to adult doorway, and hardcore doorway or do you only get access to ghetto doorway?Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:03/09/2012): It only grants you access to Ghetto Doorway.

  • Comment by: ThroatLover

    Score: 75% Date: 03/07/2012

    I really like the idea of BlackonBlack, but I think it's poorly executed. I think they crossed that thin line that makes porn enjoyable. The dude they use TOO ROUGH too frequently. You can barely jack off to the actual blowjob for 2 seconds before he's slapping the shit out of her again...kinda defeats the purpose. The hard face-fucking is cool, but I'm not tryin'a wank it to some dude beating the shit outta some lady. He also talk waaaay too much. If he'd slow down a bit, it'd be much better.

  • Comment by: Jizzy

    Score: 99% Date: 02/23/2012

    I LOVE seeing degraded sassy ghetto cracker !
    It's the only vids which can make my dick hard! I regret theres no more sites like that! In ONE WEEK i've seen all 300GO movie from Ghetto and BlackonBlack!
    Black is more degrading, more powerfull, but there's no much vids. I think girls don't want to be abused like that, and that's WE LOVE! Please give me more, more blackonblackCrime please!

    The only probs, it's repeating disconnecting !

  • Comment by: disgustedfemme

    Score: N/A Date: 11/19/2011

    No wonder these chicks are bottom of the barrel. None of the black female xxx stars, the ones at the top, or even a black chick that's truly bangin', as so many are, would even consider doing work like this.

    White women can afford to allow themselves to be degraded all to hell, because our white supremacist culture will always maintain them on their pedestal no matter what they do. But black women, who have always had to fight both for self respect and respect from everyone else . . . well, I just find seeing them in things like this distasteful.

    Then again, if it can be conceived of, SOMEone is turned on by it, SOMEone is willing to do it, and SOMEone is willing to buy it. *smh*

  • Comment by: dddef

    Score: 100% Date: 11/16/2011

    just so good
    like olivia 2/dina/flawless/dina
    puke cry slapabuse
    regret and far

  • Comment by: @DubGizzle

    Score: 60% Date: 10/24/2011

    This is a site where I think the rabbit crew was way off. They rated this site much higher than it should be. Yes this site has exclusive content, zip photos & download-able movies, but that does not tell the whole story.
    PROS: exclusive content, zip Photo sets, download-able movies, and a few bonus sites.
    Cons: With the exception of the females they use to advertise, there are mostly ugly ass crack head looking females here. Not all but a lot. The biggest con is the speed of the website, there is none. The web site is very slow when trying to browse through the pic sets. Half of the time all the pics will not load due to time out errors from taking so long to load. I was told the slow speed could be my ISP, its not, i currently have memberships to 3 other sites that load just fine. Not all the photo sets are in zip format, only the older sets are. ALL the new sets say "sorry no zip files yet" and when i say newer i mean EVERYTHING a year old or less, and it's the same way with their bonus sites. Half of the pics are not in zip files, and that is where the frustration comes from with the slow site, because trying to get the photos that are not in zip files not all will load. 75% of the videos are horrible quality, only the new ones are in good quality, but to download the good clear vids they are about a gig a piece and is just not worth the space it's going to take up on your computer. To make a long review short most of us have seen their videos either on tube sites or downloaded some where else. DON'T JOIN THIS SITE. the vids are the same quality as they are on the tube sites and all the videos that are not on the tube sites are because the females are too damn ugly and no one wasted their time putting them up. This site was a waste of time and money. reached out to customer service with 2 e-mails, not one response. The speed issue was not just a few hours but the entire 30 day membership period. STAY AWAY, i truly felt robbed

  • Comment by: wrath

    Score: N/A Date: 10/18/2011

    Silly site, I blame the women for low morals, the viewers for sick souls, and the filmers for not knowing the difference between right and wrong. If you are into this, watch it or live it, then you are not worthy of life.

  • Comment by: steve

    Score: 100% Date: 10/06/2011

    I like this... yaw need to get melrose foxxx on there...

  • Comment by: Cigar Joe

    Score: 10% Date: 09/02/2011

    This is a great site. These guys know how to really rip these bitches up. These whores really get degraded and I love watching it. Best scenes are ass licking ones

  • Comment by: kinganonymous

    Score: 88% Date: 08/26/2011

    To all the people who said negative shit grow the fuck up and don't click on the site if you don't like this kind of stuff. This is a pretty good site if your into this kind of stuff..I will admit it is pretty sickening but if you like it you will enjoy the site. So many videos, though the old ones are pretty boring. The racist stuff isn't really that bad, I'm black and I don't really get offended its more about the degradation of the woman than the racism. Some girls are really ugly (Mrs T)...Some of them are pretty (Aruba). They all get pretty fucked up. Unfortunately this is the kind of stuff i like. BUt this a good site for it.And also i just went on and a with a membership you also get access to AdultDoorway and HardCore doorway which include Facial Abuse and Latina Abuse.

    Pro: Very hardcore, sometimes there are pretty girls, easy to navigate and watch videos

    Cons: Can't download files to your computer to watch later, sometimes very ugly females, racist, and content may be offensive to the weakhearted, and sometimes gross puking

  • Comment by: blaqcherri

    Score: N/A Date: 08/04/2011

    This is the most demeaning thing I have ever seen!The white men in the movies are so full of hate.I think it makes them feel good to dominate and humiliate a black woman.What it really is is that they are mad at themselves because they are attracted to black girls.The females are so young they don't realize that this is wrong.They are stupid because I would never let a white man or a any other man demean me like this.It's really sad and twisted.People who like this type of pornograghy are sick and crazy!

  • Comment by: Lad

    Score: 90% Date: 07/06/2011

    Pros : girls really get their face and soul destroyed. Anyone who ever did it know how huge it is to make a girl puke with his cock.
    This site gave me the idea to convince a casual street hooker from Ghana to do that for twice the cost of a blowjob. This 19 yo dumb bitch agreed, it was one of the hottest thing I ever lived. The funniest part was when she apologized for vomiting on my pants, and then when she gave me back 10 bucks because she thought she couldn't do it till I cum. So I throat fucked her for just 20 bucks.

    Cons : I hate when guys slap or spit on the girl's face. They also overact the racist stuff. Believe me, it's way cooler to make her believe she's a strong girl doing an act of faith.

  • Comment by: CharlieSheen

    Score: 95% Date: 06/29/2011

    This site is not for the weak but it has great content. The guys make race jokes but its just misogynist fun. They also have the facialabuse site for white women and its a lot worse. This is real hardcore stuff and not for wimps. It has started back doing regular updates and is worth the price.

  • Comment by: Rlp

    Score: 5% Date: 06/14/2011

    ...Something has to be done.This is very dangerous could incite racial violence against black women...

    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:06/06/2011): Comment moderated

  • Comment by: Mar27

    Score: 100% Date: 03/05/2011

    Let's keep it 100 percent all of the females that's on this site all signs a contra to be on this site they new what was going to happen before it started I am a black guy and I love this shit keep up the good work

  • Comment by: Tammy

    Score: N/A Date: 03/02/2011

    I hope this site get close this shit just piss me the fuck off. and these dump ass black girls that will do anything 4 some change.

  • Comment by: foxy

    Score: N/A Date: 02/27/2011

    i have watched several movies in the past but i must say this is the worst i have ever seen it made my stomach turn and further more its sad that Black women will put themselves through this bullshit for a little money i think this porn site should be shut down this is some raciest explotation of black women .. its bad enough they do porn but when you stoop to this level you should kill your self and as for the camera man he should kill himself too for directing something like this i hope they all get HIV and Die

  • Comment by: c-money

    Score: 100% Date: 02/25/2011

    I am a black guy that love interracial sex (mainly black women and white men). I am a big fan of ghettogaggers. I know it is racist, but it is good entertainment.

  • Comment by: Ken

    Score: 1% Date: 02/13/2011

    Ok sure, I like to see a women give a good blowjob, but this is dumb sh t. I have to blame the BLACK women for doing these films. The white guys in these films are typical, white guys full of hate, thinking that a black woman is below them, yet can get hard-on, that is how their Daddy's and Granddad’s were, but too chicken to show their faces. This is how they have always treated black women. All women really, but black women are the only ones that allow themselves to be treated this way. Nowadays, black women have a choice; I can't believe they MAKE the choice to be treated this way.
    I hope that at least one of those ghetto bitches has HIV and gives it to you all.

    In the words, of a mainstream porn producer, "I make interracial porn to satisfy MY fantasies not theirs." (Black Men, Women)

    Too bad there are so many black women that make these kinds of fantasies come true and they wonder why they are the least desirable women on the planet.

  • Comment by: Joe

    Score: 50% Date: 01/27/2011

    I tried to subscribe for the trial, but I didn't unsubscribe correctly so I was stuck with a one month membership. I do like rough oral movies so I made the best of it, but unfortunately along with the rough deepthroat the guys on these sites are just pointlessly cruel and degrading to these girls and racist to boot.
    If there was a site like this without the degrading racism from the male "talent" it would be a lot better. As it is I feel guilty for giving them my money.

  • Comment by: PukeSkywalker

    Score: 25% Date: 01/19/2011

    Pro: Newer Videos from the past 2 or so years are available in HD, many A-list ebony pornstars, videos aren't broken up.

    Cons: Originally, you got Facialabuse and Latinaabuse and Ghettogaggers as a package, this is no longer the case, and to those that had memberships for quite a while, then came back to renew, it is quite disappointing. NOW the remaining "bonus" sites that come with it haven't been updated in years for the most part. And, truth be told, it is a niche-website, so the only other sites a subscriber would want bundled with it are facialabuse and latinaabuse...they are getting really greedy.

    That isn't all: as of late, the updates also include scenes that only last from 6-10 minutes, where the females just quit a quarter of the way through filming. So what these assholes do is instead of canceling the whole scene they just end the whole thing right there by fading out then coming back and nutting on their face. Really. A 6-10 minute CLIP is hardly an update, they even ask the girls about their inability to finish the scene...then they fucking post it anyways.

    The content has also gotten straight racist. Any site called "ghettogaggers" and set around their premise is sure to say fuck political correctness and over-racial sensitivity, but as of late they have taken it to ridiculous extremes. It is no longer just joking on the girls and degrading them, they get outright racist now. I'm thinking fat camera dude musta had his heart broke by a black woman recently or something, because the first couple of years it was funny and degrading stuff, now it is just plain out racist. In one video, the cameraman actually asks the porn ho, "how's that for white power?" WTF? It's like they aren't even trying before, earlier times they were creative with it and it might have been racially insensitive, but it was only ARGUABLY there is no debate, it is racist as hell. They also have really lowered the bar with some of the females, fat is okay, not u

  • Comment by: chris

    Score: 3% Date: 12/24/2010

    if a real ghetto gaggers come out please let the public know ,little white boys come on, and vomit, you got to be kidding me.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:06/10/2013): Comment edited to adhere to community standards.