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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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I'll let the people that created Watch Us Fuck describe their site: "The site is something like an uncensored diary of our relationships, sexual lives, fun and problems that are part of everyday life." This will sound quite enticing if you like to watch everyday amateurs get it on in different locales. While other sites purport to be real life, this site is one of the most complete and interesting sites in the genre. This is much more than just a porn site. In fact, they call it a sexblog and that is actually a better way to describe it.

There are three participants in the WatchUsFuck experience: Misha, Voyta and Yan. Or I guess I should say there were. Misha and Voyta were a couple for three years. A little while into their relationship they co-founded the site as a way to put their lives out there for all to see. A little while into the life of the site they broke up and a while after that Misha fell in love with Yan and now they are the ones doing all the fucking and it appears Voyta is no longer involved with the happenings.

That's what I mean when I say that this site is more than just about the sexy bits. This is really about these people's lives and what they do and their lives traveling and their belief in the Humanist movement, etc. It is actually all kind of engrossing and I got a little lost reading and browsing around before focusing to start writing this review.   

Voyta's disappearing act perhaps be the reason that there were 82 movies available on our last visit and now I can only find 77 movies. Perhaps the other five movies featured Voyta and were taken down. I can't be sure of the reason of those vids vanished, but I can be sure of the quality of the remaining flicks and they will give you excellent-quality playback. There are also 96 photo galleries to check out. You'll find a few high-res images in the bunch and you'll really get off on the variety of locations. Do be aware that there seem to be many vid caps.

The last time we were here updates were a little more frequent it seems. I hope this doesn't indicate any trouble in paradise because Misha and Yan are horny fuckers who really keep you entertained for a while. It would be a shame for them to go their separate ways. There hasn't been an update to the video blog in just under a month and the photo blog has remained untouched for about three weeks now.

Watch Us Fuck is definitely an original and unique experience. You can register for free and check out some of the non-nude content, leave comments and chat in the forums. This will give you a nice sense of the site. The "sexblog concept" is really what makes it worth your consideration.

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  • Comment by: andy

    Score: 100% Date: 04/10/2010

    I have followed site for a while and it is pretty good. The updates happen when they happen but they dont promise any schedule so that's pretty fair. No question this a real couple and I have delt with customer service and it was excellent. The download speeds and quality and length of video's is very good. And they both interact very nicely through the site and it seems all very real and honest.