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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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While some chicks may have great tits, only a select few have breasts that could be classified as sublime. They're definitely a rare breed, but the Sublime Boobs website has managed to find 11 models who have massive, magnificent juggs that don't disappoint. You will see them in all their softcore, topless glory, so you can imagine that you're buried in those titties or drifting away to sleep on soft, fleshy breast pillows.

Most of the flicks on SublimeBoobs are divided into parts, so it might look like there's more material than there actually is. There are 20 videos and they vary in quality, but most offer great-quality playback. Many show chicks stripping and playing with their massive melons, but you will also see voluptuous cuties painting elaborate designs on each other's breasts.

A couple of shoots stood out for me. I like the one where a babe is in a beauty salon with her hair in curlers. She slowly strips out of a tight, pink, knit outfit that shows off her incredible curves. Her lace, pink bra must have to work overtime to support her huge hooters. Another interesting video shows a belly dancer and even though her tummy does a little wiggling, it's her giant juggs jiggling that are truly mesmerizing.

There are also 139 photo sets and some sets are also broken up into parts (and not always presented in order). The quality of the pics varies as well. The newer ones are full of high-res images, but new or old, none of the sets are available in Zip files.

Also, the pictures open up in a new window when you click on them, so viewing the bigger images in their full size sometimes means you have to do a lot of horizontal and vertical scrolling because they're so damn big, but big on this site is definitely the theme.

The website isn't updating anymore, but you can explore the other six sites that make up the Jug Ticket network, including Breast Safari, Nature Breasts, Busty Torture and Wet Natural Tits. In the end, Sublime Boobs is a bit short on vids and doesn't look like it will be getting any bigger.

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