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A few years ago, a movie came out that changed the face of America forever. In its wake, the term "brokeback" has come to mean something that most people recognize immediately upon hearing it. Sometimes, things that mean something to North Americans can become lost in translation and that is how we end up with Brokeback Asians.

You see, this site has nothing to do with ranchers or buckaroos who just can't quit each other. Instead (and in my opinion more appealing), the site features demure Asian lesbians licking each other's pussies and fooling around. These particular BrokebackAsians come in long-playing DVDs that you can download in their entirety.

While it might take a while to download, the upside is that with a file that size, you're going to get a nice, long video to watch. I must admit, though, that having clips would make things easier for some. Most are in the 70 to 90-minute range, although with some over two hours long. All the movies are available for download in good-quality Windows Media files. There are currently 117 full-length DVDs to save, but there's no way to stream them.

The films focus on beautiful Japanese lesbians doing all manner of sexy things to each other. There is a picture of the box cover to give you an idea of what's in store, but there isn't any other information to help you out. There aren't any pictures either.

If gorgeous Asian lezzies are your thing, you probably won't be disappointed by any of the porn here. However, as is typical with Japanese porn, the genitals are blurred. So the pixelated pussies you see in the preview don't exactly come into focus after you sign up.

Nothing on the website is dated, but given that they've added 20 videos in the over six months since our last visit, they could be adding a new one about every 10 days. That's not too slow and while you wait you can keep busy by visiting the four sites included with a membership, namely Asia Movie Pass, Asian Prego, Asian Ropes and Flip 18. As their names suggest, you'll find more Asian babes.

Brokeback Asians will definitely satisfy those with a thirst for girl-on-girl hardcore and if you love to watch Asian chicks going at it, the website is worth checking out and it's nice to see it growing again.

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  • Comment by: KingofOC

    Score: 20% Date: 05/09/2011

    I seriously question the sincerity of anyone who gives this site an overall thumbs up. The only one I can imagine doing that would be the owners of it.
    Con- takes about 4 hours to download the movie.
    Con- censored video. Yes, that's right. Censored video. You know those blurry images you see in free Japanese Porn, well they are actually carried over to the subscription site as well. Seriously weak.
    Pro- Hmm. It is Asian Lesbians, which is good.
    Sorry, but that is really it.

  • Comment by: klodshans

    Score: 20% Date: 07/06/2009

    If you have a passion for saliva, this is the place to be, if not, find another place to spend your money. And the downloads are unbelievable slow.