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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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If you know a chick who is petite and won't take it up the ass because she says she is too small for it, just show her the chicks on Anal Petite. She won't have any excuse after that.

These babes have tiny frames and tight assholes, but they take a hard cock deep in their backdoors and are okay afterward (although covered with cum, of course). In the end, everyone is a winner here - even you! You land on the network's homepage after signing in and you simply have to choose AnalPetite from a drop-down to filter out the porn.

Rather than just get right to the fucking, these scenes all start out with some kind of setup. One video I watched has a chick playing hide and seek with the dude (the same guy is in most of the scenes). When he runs to home base he hurts his leg and this leads to a massage, which leads to - you guessed it - anal sex.

In another episode a chick is doing lawn work and starts poking a sleeping guy with her rake to wake him up and fuck him. I never said the setups were credible or realistic, but with the Czech accents and broken English, they are fun and the hardcore sex is well filmed.

The site has 54 videos to download in a good-quality Windows Media format in a couple of parts or in a full-length file. You can also stream them through a Silverlight player. Each video comes with a set of high-res pics and you can download all 54 photo galleries in Zip files.

A membership comes with access to 12 other sites from the Pack Of Porn network, including the likes of Rimbledon, Anal Slurp, Creamed On Glasses, Anal Stretched and Holey Fuck. These sites are similar in that many have a relatively small amount of content as well as great-looking pictures and videos.

Anal Petite has some decent-looking porn and if they were updating regularly it would be even better, but nothing new has been added since July 2010. The way things are now, this anal website won't keep you satisfied for long on its own.

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  • Comment by: theJoker

    Score: 40% Date: 11/29/2010

    Because of the bonus sites this network is called a mega-site following a recent hype. I'd rather classify it as one site with several sections. The comment below refers to all these sites:

    Content is quite OK, although not exclusive as at least some of the material appears on other sites. analpetite has the same content as the Dutch site The technical quality of most of the videos is between poor and mediocre with only a few newer uploads in HD (as of July/August 2010).

    The most annoying feature is that vary(!) many of the zip links do not work. Batch DL is prevented by the silly security code system assigning a different one to each jpg - ridiculous! And even if this weren't the case the next obstacle would be the strange naming system: Every picture is named 'image'! And the newer the set the more likely the zip link was dead (e.g. 26 out of 32 from Analstretched Oct 2, 2009 - June 17, 2010). This also show that nobody makes quality checks and cares to fix links.

    The quality of pics is above average so that it is really a pity one cannot get them, but manual DL of thousands of pics not an option.

    They should maintain the site better and show more appreciation for their customers.

  • Comment by: sergio

    Score: 70% Date: 01/07/2010

    I like this site, very young, pretty and natural girls.
    I guess it could be improved with more handsome and with bigger penis actors.

  • Comment by: Rick

    Score: 50% Date: 09/06/2008

    At first glance, this is the site I"ve been looking for all these years, however, the camera work is quite poor and they actually don't show that much anal action per video. Also, the video quality isn't amazing. If they did this site right, it would be amazing. Unfortunately, it is not.