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For some British foot fetish action, check out Her Feet. There's a bit of a variety of content that doesn't necessarily focus entirely on feet for the entire time, but you still get some nice shots of some sexy British babes' tender tootsies.

It's a bit of a crapshoot as to what you're going to find for content at HerFeet. There's a real mix here with some public nudity, bondage, tickling, domination and submission and of course, some fancy foot play.

The orange sorbet colored design of the site was a little offensive to my eyes, but I’m usually willing to look past that as long as the content is great. It's perhaps not going to win any awards for site design, but at least you can find most of the content easily.

There are 36 sets of pictures. You'll find half of them in the main pictures section that lists all the sets. You can't view these pictures in your browser window, you'll have to download the entire set as a Zip file to your computer. This is a bit annoying as there aren't any previews of what you're going to find, but the text descriptions do give you a bit of an idea of what's going on. These pictures focus more on bondage than they do on foot fetishism.

There is also a section that contains pictures at the bottom of the page where you'll find the other half of the picture content. This section is a little more difficult to find, but there it is, nonetheless. These can be viewed in your browser window and tend to focus a little bit more on feet, though there are some more bondage and public nudity sets. The quality of the pictures tends to be high-res throughout, though some are somewhat lesser in quality.

There are also 13 videos that are downloadable in less than average-quality Windows Media format. You'll find 12 of them in the 'video' section. They've mostly been broken down into clips. You'll find one more video in the aptly named 'some old mess' section. These films, like the pictures, seem to focus on tickling and bondage more than on feet. There's gals do have feet, so that's a start, I suppose.

Much of the video content has watermarks from other sites as does some of the picture content, so not everything that you're going to see here is exclusive to this site.

If you're looking for a site that's dedicated to foot worship, you should try to find something else as Her Feet is a kind of confusing mix of all kinds of different fetishes. If the mix is your thing, check it out, just be aware that the price is a little bit high.

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