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Chris Parker 

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Rabbits Reviews Rise Award Winner

Ladies, if you are ready for something different, then you must check out It's an erotic website for women, by women, that offers more than just pictures and movies. In fact, there's a wide assortment of interesting and useful content, from articles to advice columns to dating to shopping. You can even vote on what charity you want the site to support!

You know you're in for a treat once you're inside the members' area where a full range of fun sections await you. Get to know yourself by having a look at the "all about you" section where it's all about masturbation. There's also a lesbian section and articles on being bi-curious under the "girl to girl" tab. The sections themselves allow you to customize your experience and only see what you want to see.

Other areas of the site include the movie area (Sssh Erotic Movies) and a section that holds articles on health, sexual fitness, style and beauty. From how to get sexy hair or the perfect manicure to the benefits of positive thinking and flexibility training, there's really a lot of useful and engaging material. Best of all, the photos are shot by women, and female authors are responsible for the articles.

The 195 good-quality movies can only be streamed and are divided into categories, like couples, discover, girlfriend and kink. Once again, the site makes it easy for you to watch only what you want with the addition of a ratings system with one, two or three "lips." So if you're not into kinky or explicit content, you can choose to stay away. They also have original series.

"Gone" is one of the site's latest productions and the film is pretty impressive. Directed by Angie Rowntree, it features strong performances from Gee Richards and Madeline Blue (who are a couple in real life) and a twist ending that I won't spoil here. You might need some tissues by the end of the movie and not for the reasons a person typically does when viewing porn.

The majority of the pics found within the 159 photo sets look good and are a real pleasure to browse. The ones I checked out looked good on the site, but were high-res when I saved them (individually as there aren't any Zip files)and were accompanied by an erotic tale. You'll find them in multiple sections and they focus on kink, straight sex, lesbians, hunky men and masturbation.

I can't say enough about the variety here. You can go from watching an erotic sex scene between a hetero couple or two sexy women to learning about erotic sex positions and how to make your own sensual bath oils. I took my time on the "man channel" as they show naked men entertaining women at all-female parties. I also appreciate that they don't leave out the kink and gave me some BDSM and spanking.

The website appears to be updating each day, but they don't always consist of a new video or photo set. For example, you could get articles or stories instead. Nothing is dated, but there's an updates section that shows you what's new.

Apart from the X-rated content, well-researched and well-written articles, daily cartoons and kinky friend-finder service, you can also shop in their store and get discounts, check out trailers for their exclusive movies (SsshTV highlights) and peruse "opinion pages" that have commentaries by journalists and sex experts. Members can also post comments.

Another cool thing is their "live events" section. You can enter a virtual world that's centered around the popular "Fifty Shades" series. You can explore different locations, interact with characters and once a month the site holds special events in the "Penthouse." Also in the live events is the "sex talk Tuesday," which is held every second Tuesday of each month and is moderated by a special guest.

This isn't just another "for women" site filled with naked photos of men. It also explores the depths of female sexuality while being entertaining and informative. Read what other women have to say, discover new ideas, explore your fantasies and even submit your own stories. is smart, sexy and a great place to hang out for women of all ages.

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  • Comment by: Mack Brey

    Score: 90% Date: 11/22/2014

    This is a great site for women that has been featured on ABC’s Nightline. I appreciated Sssh.coms’ site design as much as I liked the content. The site features original HD movies, erotic photo galleries, Sssh TV, stories, novels plus video tutorials and real how-to guides. definitely delivers what it says it will as far as being a site for WOMEN the content is focused on the daily lives and interests of women of all ages. The variety of content available on the site includes; Fantasy submission, Man of the Month, links for discreet shopping and live events. Terrific site!

  • Comment by: jodie

    Score: 79% Date: 09/16/2013

    Yes some good videos with nice couples. Its good to see the mens faces and bodies not just a dick!

  • Comment by: Me-Again

    Score: 100% Date: 03/05/2013

    FROM FEMBABE - Response to RabbitReviews

    Hi, thank you for taking the time to reply, I was shocked. I just want to clarify that the "10" rating I gave was NOT for Sssh, but was for your review and linking techniques. So I guess the "10" was for Rabbit Reviews. When I tried it again, it looks like you are linking to three different versions of the tour, which is why I got confused. I also felt your review was dated. I did not realize that the 10 I gave would reflect poorly on Sssh's rating, please rectify it as it was an error on my part. I thought I was voting on your review and not the site it's self, which truly desires a rating of 100. P.S. I don't like the fact that I can't respond to your reply to me..
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (05/03/2013): Hi Fembabe. No problem. I changed your rating. Thanks!

  • Comment by: fembabe

    Score: 100% Date: 02/09/2013

    You links are beyond annoying Every time I click on Sssh.Com, I get a different site. By the way, your review is old - this site is totally amazing and i have NEVER experienced anything like it.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:02/11/2013): Thanks for the comment, fembabe. We enjoy, too, and the review reflects that. Not sure what you mean about going to different sites. Our link works fine and takes you to with no issue. If you're clicking links (on our site or any other) and are frequently being directed somewhere different each time, I would run a virus check on your computer. You might have some malware.

  • Comment by: Contessa

    Score: 89% Date: 01/14/2011

    Awesome and it does not make you feel like you joined a "porn site". Well presented.

  • Comment by: Lady Jane

    Score: 91% Date: 04/28/2010

    I've been a member of sssh for the past 7 years and just wanted to say I love it. As an older woman, I'm tired of the cheap trash that is out there, and the ladies that edit sssh really know how to push all the right buttons. Some of the really old movies are, well, really old, but I'm glad they leave them up there for nostalgia compared to all this new High Def they now have. Some things need a little soft focus on ladies, you know?

  • Comment by: HubbyTom

    Score: 95% Date: 04/28/2010

    My wife and I joined this site and I have to admit, we both loved it. Great informative articles, with pics, novels and best of all are the movies. Not all people like the wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am approach to sex. The movies here depict a reason for the sex. It's not just aimless fucking like most sites. They have done a great job at showing a slightly different side to sex, yet keeping it hot and very very sexy.

  • Comment by: Sexygrandma

    Score: 97% Date: 10/07/2009

    I don't believe anything should get a perfect score, but Sssh sure comes close! Love it

  • Comment by: pony

    Score: 85% Date: 09/06/2008

    excellent site for women. UNIQUE
    Liked it so much and recommend for others