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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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For some, throwing a couple of pointy teeth on the chicks before they blow a guy would be enough to call their site Cum Vampires. However, that is just the start of what they do here.

Upon signing into CumVampires, you will see a banner that says, "The chronicles of the cum vampires" and that is what you want to click on. This will take you inside the site and to the document providing details and stories about the elusive and little-known vampires who desire and live on male seed.

There are currently 63 videos and 26 sets of photos (one of the vids doesn't have images and the rest seem to be vid caps). The quality of the content is good overall. The photos are average in size, but clear and the videos are downloadable in Windows Media format. The quality varies, but there are some good-quality vids. There are no bonuses and they update on a monthly basis.

The members' area is designed to look like old parchment and it is in reading the story that you come upon documents that link to videos and pictures illustrating what they are talking about. On that point, I was with them. I thought it was a pretty original idea and the fact that they took the time to do the writing and make it feel legitimate was impressive. Then I watched the videos.

These are some of the most amateurishly produced and performed videos I have ever seen. First off, the chicks are constantly looking at the camera as if looking for instruction from the director. The performances are stiff and boring and the funniest part was how uninterested they seem in the cum.

These are supposed to be vampires that live on jizz and these chicks (with vampire teeth) look totally grossed out by the load as they barely lick it, trying to lick around it and pretend instead. In one scene, I even saw them pouring some fake goo on the guy's chest, so that the babe could lick that up and act like it was his cum.

I give them credit for the time they seem to spend on the writing part of the site and creating the Cum Vampire scenario. However, the videos are not as well-thought-out and,in the end, they are just mediocre amateur blowjob scenes with pointy teeth.

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  • Comment by: J

    Score: 50% Date: 02/01/2009

    To get your money's worth just buy the one month non renewable package and download everything they've got. As was stated it's pretty much amateur blowjob scenes with pointy teeth and only a couple that I've seen even try to act as if they're "vampiric" in any way. Alot of them talk way too much for it to be enjoyable and the acting is horrible but for that one month it's worth the money. They update maybe once a month now which is why the renewable price just isn't worth doing.