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Dylan Taylor 

By: Dylan Taylor
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Thrill Dark is a purveyor of "hot interracial 100% 3D sex" and on that front it delivers. You'll see hot, big-breasted computer-generated gals getting shagged by black dudes.

This site generally seems to deliver on its promises, but only with minimal effort and baseline results. The homepage of Thrill Dark is a prime example. It works. It's easy to find everything, but it has the most basic design and everything from the pictures to the movies and even advertising is lumped together on one page.

In terms of still images, you'll find 28 galleries. There are about 12 galleries in the "photoset archive," another eight or so in the comics section and about eight sets in the movie section that offer still shots that are of comparable quality to the rest of the images. When I say comparable, I mean average.

The movie section is similarly disappointing, but with less material. The movies are short, about two minutes each, and they all offer below average quality footage. They are downloadable, but there are only eight of these brief videos.

The content involves fairly conventional interracial sex, but at the end of the day the only special thing about these scenes is that the computer-generated models can have breasts that are so big they'd defy the weight allowances of most elevators in the real world. Big breasts are great and if that's all you want, you'll find it here, but given the opportunities presented by computer graphics you might expect a little more creativity.

Updates seem to be showing up about once per week, though it's worth noting that they say that those who maintain a membership over the course of multiple months will have access to updates more quickly.

In terms of extras, you'll also be able to access some galleries featuring live-action big-boobed babes. You don't get any bonus sites, but you can opt to join the mega-site for a higher price and access this site as well as eight other toon porn sites.

So while it might be true that once a gal has gone black, she'll never go back, once you've checked out the 3D-animated interracial on this site, you might well want to go back to your usual sources of porn. Thrill Dark doesn't have the quality or the quantity to deserve a wholehearted recommendation.

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