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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Bushy Females gives you nonexclusive fuzzy muff action. You'll see them solo and in hardcore. You will see some truly hirsute pussy on this site so at least, they've selected scenes that really do live up to the main theme. Nevertheless, I think you'll find that the site's promo tour before you sign up tends to bulk the modest amount of main content up, by presenting it in large thumbnails and adding some screen caps alongside each preview clip.

Once, you sign into BushyFemales, you soon discover that there are no still pics or vid caps even. There is simply one single screenshot to label each video and compared to the thumbnails used on the outside of the site, the ones in the actual members' area are so small they may the limited amount of available content seem even more meager than it already is. They definitely could have made this small collection of vids stretch at bit further with some screen caps.

There are 23 videos, which can be downloaded in Windows Media format and MPEGs. There are a few average-quality vids, but for they offer mostly good-quality playback stats. There are no full-length scenes, only partial clips. Some videos only have a single clip, while other have five, or six, which means that some are less than five minutes long, while others last for 20 minutes or even longer. There are additional niches covered by the scenes, such as mature muff and interracial sex.

There is a bonus section listed, but it seems to consist of only 20 sample galleries from various other sites from the same company. There is no updates schedule posted, but it has been over a week at least since anything new was added to the site.

Given the limited amount of main content, they really do need to push it up a notch when it comes to adding new content and they should consider fleshing out what they've got with some pics. Bushy Females just isn't worth its monthly fee, since it's just too small and its content is all nonexclusive, while updates seem to only be added less than once a week.

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