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If you've ever been to Mardi Gras, you've seen those horny exhibitionist chicks who will flash any stranger their titties for nothing more than some beads. At Mardi Gras Cuties, you can check out some pictures of chicks who are just like that.

Well, you can check out a little bit anyway. MardiGrasCuties has a bunch of flashing chick pictures and videos from all over the place, including Lake Havasu and Daytona. There's not really much point to it as much of the content is shared with another site on the same network, but there were a few things that I didn't recognize from anywhere else.

Currently, there are 48 sets of pictures and 11 movies. That's not a great deal of content and it doesn't seem that much more is on the way, since the site hasn’t had an update in over a year.

That's not to say that it's not fun to look at the content that is here, because it is. I love watching chicks that are open enough to get naked outside in front of a large group of men. It just makes me feel tingly all over. There were some pics of at least one chick getting fucked on the street on Fat Tuesday and several other gals that gave hummers to passersby. Now, if that's not fun, I don't know what is.

The pictures are mostly high-res, but there are some that fall into the average-res category. You can download the picture sets in their entirety in a Zip file, but there is no slideshow option.

As for the videos, you'll have to poke around a bit to find them. All of the content is listed on one page and you'll have to click on a thumbnail to find out if you're going to get a set of pics or a video. When you do come across a video, you'll find that you can either stream them in an embedded player or download them. They come in below average-quality Windows Media format or very poor-quality RealPlayer videos.

Memberships include access to eight bonus sites on the same network, including Beach Club Cuties and Her Self Pics. As I said, a few of them share some content between them, but there are others that have original and exclusive content.

As much fun as it is, I wouldn't recommend signing up for Mardi Gras Cuties on its own and the bonus content makes it only slightly more attractive.

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