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Melissa Koznuk 

By: Melissa Koznuk
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Do you want in on the secret? I did too, but rather than spill the beans, I'll let you check out Kendras Secret and see for yourself. If a bleached-blonde babe with a natural 34D rack turns your crank, then the confidential information that Kendra divulges will be even more appealing. However, there are a couple of things that she still manages to keep private - her pussy and bare nipples are kept well under wraps.

For guys and gals who like seeing the unusual - i.e., a modest blonde - there's definitely something charming about Kendra. In fact, not only is she a hot chick who isn't afraid of displaying her sexuality in a dignified manner, but also her site, KendrasSecret, is well put together and easy on the eyes.

To date, there aren't that many videos. In fact, there are only 18 full-length scenes and that's as many as there were the last time we visited and the time before that as well. Anyway, you'll be able to download each scenes as a Windows Media file and while a few of them offer good-quality playback, theothers are only of average quality.

Kendra poses with a Ferrari, drives around with her gal pal or bathes and gets dressed. Sometimes she's fully clothed, but in a number of instances she gets down to her underwear and some tape covering her nipples. It's hot stuff, but it's over almost as quickly as it starts because all the movies are very short.

There are also 31 photo sets and they're comprised of high-res images, which is nice. As with the videos, you'll never see Kendra getting fully naked, but you will see her doing stuff like putting on makeup, sporting some sexy lingerie, making out with her friend, Jaiden, and taking a bath.

You'll also have access to a few extras, including 90 photo galleries featuring chicks who aren't afraid to take it all off, links to live cams and lots of streaming videos featuring blowjobs and hardcore action. You won't, however, get any full-access sites to test drive and Kendra doesn't seem to be appearing on cam anymore.

At one point, Kendra claimed that she was dedicating all her time to her site, but that no longer seems to be the case. Kendras Secret might be worth checking out for a month if you really need a Kendra fix, but for most people the site will just be too small to be worth it.

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  • Comment by: thore

    Score: 1% Date: 09/28/2011

    this site is terrible. who in their right mind would pay money to see/NOT see a girl cover up her nipples every chance she gets? only idiots would buy a membership. why? because, you can pay $10 at some strip clubs and you'll be able to sit and see HOTTER girls get COMPLETELY NUDE!!! lol. only idiots would 1.) think this girl was hot, 2.) buy a membership, even if it is $20. i HATE non nude sites because i can get porn from better looking girls for free, lol. i didn't get a membership to this site, but i DID look at her whole web content by googling a bit. she's the dumb ass thinking people would buy a membership and she doesn't even get naked, but what f-ed up is there are dumbasses who'll actually waste $20 because they didn't know any better, lol.