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While porn is usually first in line when it comes to trying new technologies and business models, it is also an industry that isn't shy about copying a model that has already proven itself in the non-porn world. Wanted List is one such site that obviously saw the success of NetFlix and decided that a porn version was needed. Those of you familiar with how NetFlix works will know this already, but for those of you who don't, let me give you a quick explanation.

First, get yourself a membership to WantedList. There are many options and each one allows for a different number of DVDs to be seen at any one time. Let us take the cheapest two-DVD option as an example. Basically, you sign up and then search through the thousands of DVDs, picking the ones that you want to see and putting them in your queue. Then the service goes ahead and sends you the first two on your list. You can keep them for as long as you want, but as soon as you send one or both of them back, they will send you the next one or two from your queue.

While this is a great idea and one that I'm sure many of you will want to take advantage of, they have also added a new feature to their repertoire that I was very happy to see: streaming video-on-demand. There are about 31,755 rentals available, but 5,284 of them are also available in the VOD service.

So, not only does your membership let you rent DVDs, but now there are thousands of movies with multiple scenes in each that you can stream right away. You can get a VOD-only membership or a hybrid that combines both the VOD and rental services. 

Each of the over 26,400 scenes come with three quality options: low, medium and high. Choosing the latter of the three will enable you to enjoy some good-looking movies in an embedded Flash player. There are 1,148 DVDs that you can download and you can save the scenes from these releases as AVI files or MP4s. Quality varies, but I did come across some vids that offered stellar-quality playback.

It looks likes new movies are being added to the service every two weeks, but you get a whole lot of full-length DVDs with each update. As such, it's not such a big deal that there's such a wait between additions.

Wanted List's DVD rental service is a great way to get your porn movies and the inclusion of streaming and downloading flicks as well is just awesome. Give it a try if you enjoy NetFlix and want to experience the porn equivalent.

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