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AEBN Video


If AEBN just looks like a bunch of random letters to you, then you are in for a big surprise. If you recognize those letters as belonging to one of the biggest names in porn, then you won't be surprised, but you will still be very happy. This site is home to possibly the biggest porn video-on-demand service out there. How it works is simple. You sign up for free, purchase minutes and then you can start streaming the videos. There are several other options, including downloadable rentals, and you can even download to own.

AEBN has over 92,686 DVDs to check out and with multiple scenes on each one, that works out to more than 497,313 full-length scenes. They each have five or so thumbnails that preview the action and you can check out the front and back of the DVD box. They can all be streamed in a pop-up player and the very best of the flicks are high-def. You can also rent a streaming format for a period of 48 hours or even for life.

What if you want to download the movies, you ask? Well, they provide you with that option as well, although it will cost you more (about $25). Some of the older movies have 48-hour, seven-day and 30-day options for downloads (which vary in price) and some of the older flicks don't seem to offer a downloadable version at all, but these look to be few and far between.

The pay-per-minute plans are pretty flexible and the niches offered are incredible. You'll see plenty of hardcore fucking, but also a little bit of everything else. There are top picks from the golden age of porn, shaving scenes, cougar flicks and bukkake. There's even a vampire section, which has everything from the campy to the creepy. You can also filter by recently added or most popular or easily find a series, studio or performer.

The site has some exclusive movies to offer. You can also check out a separate gay section, which doesn't include shemale or bisexual scenes. Those are in the straight section. They add multiple titles each day, so if you're tired of monthly fees, AEBN gives you a flexible way to pay for only the porn you want.

Number of Reviews: 1425
Average Score: 64.2

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User Rating: 49/100 (total: 8 comments)
  • Comment by: gutts - Score: 40/100 - Date: 5/28/2013
    Great selection! Great pricing! Oh wait, they fuck you on the pricing because most of the videos on the site will eat up your minutes 1.5 to 2x as fast. Sure, they tell you, but only just before you're about to watch something and they dont seem to give you any way of filtering out the so called 2x premium stuff from the regular content. You guys had what I thought was a simple service, but now theres all these goddamn rules? Its called bait and switch, and this is the last time I fucking pay for anything.
  • Comment by: spinbarket - Score: 35/100 - Date: 4/10/2012
    This site is expensive and what's worse, the connection is sometimes slow stalls. When buffering you don't get charged, but when the system stalls and you reload - you get charged for about 1.5 minutes. Sometimes you have to do this a few times to get it working again and all of the sudden you've used 10 minutes. It really adds up on a site that's expensive already.

    Also, on several occasions I have bought 500 minutes watched videos and come back to find a negative minute balance (I had less than zero minutes). I called in and told them - the representative said that they could only credit me 100 minutes - it was like throwing $40 out the window. This happened again with a 100 minute purchase.

    This has happened on 2 systems and several networks. I would avoid this site until they get their issues worked out.
  • Comment by: dockster - Score: 10/100 - Date: 12/12/2011
    Their speed is fucking awful. Tech support is a joke. They dont care because your paying while buffering. They can't even maintain 500k and I have a fast connection. Playboy streams to me at about 6000k.
  • Comment by: Roberto - Score: 95/100 - Date: 10/3/2011
    I have been a customer for 9 years and i love this site. The streams are always fast and they add over 150 titles a week. They have a 24/7 customer service that's always there to help.
    I never had an issue with AEBN and when i don't log in for over a month; i don't get charge for a membership.
    This site is by far one of the best on the web, over 100 000 movies and they removed the DRM on a lot of new titles, i love it!
  • Comment by: RippedOff - Score: 5/100 - Date: 12/24/2010
    This site does NOT update daily. In fact they update about one or two videos a week. They are also at least 6 months behind what is currently available for purchase or rental in a store. Plus they use a "Premium Title" designation to charge 1.5 to 3.0 times the minute usage for a title that will make them more money. They of course blame the video company for the rate charge. If you like minimal updates, old movies and using twice the minutes for popular titles than this is the site for you.
  • Comment by: Josh - Score: 20/100 - Date: 3/29/2010
    This site steals your paid minutes by counting the loading time of your video. They can slow down their servers or during high traffic periods, it can take minutes for a movie to load and this is deducted from your time.\nEver think about how your minutes used is calculated? And no where on the site does it explain their "black box" algorithm.\nYou'll be lucky to get 70% of your minutes as actual movie viewable.\nI've reported this site to the BBB and various consumer fraud agencies since they wouldn't refund my money when I noticed this little scam of theirs.
  • Comment by: Duaane - Score: 96/100 - Date: 11/8/2009
    What I did not like: and why it is not a 100 in my book is filters and site navagation is hard i.e. like this actress and masturbation = lesbian and m/f, etc. (where in I want that actress and her mastrrbating).

    What is great is the huge amouts of videos, most are very high quality. Lets just say over all it is my favoite pay per minuite site.
  • Comment by: Alex - Score: 90/100 - Date: 4/7/2009
    + huge collection
    +easy navigation
    +great quality on all modern movies

    -many old titles has so-so quality

    PS I dont take put DRM protection to cons section because it is extremely easy to remove DRM. SO uc an buy a movie for 8 bucks and have it playable forever.
$3.95/15 minutes
$5.95/30 minutes
$8.95/60 minutes
$11.95/100 minutes
$19.95/200 minutes
$29.95/300 minutes
$49.95/500 minutes
$84.95/1000 minutes
Cross Sales: No
Pic sets: N/A Pics per set: N/A Zip sets: No
Pic Res: N/A High Res: No
Number of movies: 497313+ HD Porn: Yes Streaming: Yes
Average Length: 20 mins Full length videos: Yes Download Limits: No
Video Formats: MP4 (1280x720; N/A; streaming)
Preview members area
Independent Biller(s): N/A
Customer Service: 1-800-628-0241

Pros & Cons
pros -many high-def videos
-can save favorites
-daily updates
cons -mostly nonexclusive content
-can't leave comments
-can't rate content
Main Category: Pay Per View Porn
Updated on: 5/22/2014 05/22/2014- From 75 to 77: Usability score adjusted. -Chris
05/16/2012- From 83 to 75: Scores adjusted to current criteria. -April
04/14/2011- Stays at 83. -A.K.
12/30/2010- Stays at 83. -Chris
07/08/2010- Stays at 83. -Chris
11/30/2009- Stays at 83. -Tuesday
01/22/2009- From 85 to 83: Price adjusted to current standard. -Groundhog
- Initial review: 2/8/2008
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