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Dylan Taylor 

By: Dylan Taylor
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I like to have a drink and have a good time, but I don't usually get naked in public. We can all be grateful for that, but we should be even more grateful that the good people at Drunk Wild Girls managed to find hot, crazy babes who not only like to drink, but also like to strip down and show off their bodies.

DrunkWildGirls delivers just what the name suggests: shots of babes at wild parties. This site brings you to wet t-shirt contests, Jell-O-wrestling matches and events like Fantasy Fest. All places full of girls having a blast brought to you so that you can let a blast off too.

The site offers 10 videos, each about five minutes long. These all feature a random assortment of babes flashing, dancing and bearing their boobs. However, they all seem to be from one event, so you don't get the best variety. On the upside, the videos come in great-quality Windows Media files.

The picture section offers more content with high quality. There are roughly 46 galleries with an average of 200 high-res shots in each. Here, again, many of the galleries portray the same events. They aren't continuations of a scene, per say, but there could still have been more variety.

The site has a basic design and little in the way of navigational features. It's not hard to find the content, but beyond telling you at what event the pictures were taken, there is really nothing to give you any indication of what's going on in any given gallery.

In one sense, the random assortment of images you get is part-in-parcel of the genre and you do get what you signed up for: wild drunk chicks. On the other hand, a nice presentation never hurt anyone.

Your membership doesn't come with any bonus sites, which wouldn't be such a huge deal, especially since you do get some nonexclusive bonus galleries to enjoy, but the site seems to update pretty infrequently, so the lack of extras could be a problem.

Drunk Wild Girls does deliver sexy drunk babes and offers some high-quality material. Sadly, it doesn't provide a lot of main content and what it does have doesn't offer much variety. All this, combined with the rare updates, means that this site is not worth the bother.

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